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The Little Details: Socks

on February 11, 2014

As a new mum there are lots of things to think about all the time, let alone in the morning just to get out of the house. If I could offer one tip to a soon to be parent it would be a slightly odd one:

Buy new socks!

At so many play groups it’s polite to remove your shoes. I mean, you can’t walk over playmats with shoes on and what if an older baby crawls under the path of your foot? Or when a baby there develops their foot, shoe, sock fetish, you might not like your foot being touched, but it’s slightly more hygenic for said baby to lick your big toe than the sole of your shoe.

But, that morning when you managed to find 5 minutes to sort yourself out, to get dressed, to brush the spit up out of your hair and wipe the food crumbs off of your face, did you check your socks?

Do they have holes in? Do they even match? Are they worn and frayed at the bottom?

Buy new ones, then you’ll be fine.

I’m only just now thinking about it and throwing out all my socks; I have a drawer full of new ones so I really don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier. Maybe I like cringing every time I take my shoes off at a baby group!

~ P


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