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Bad Days!

on February 16, 2014

I’m not sure if it’s my constant headache, my full days to fill in for hubby being back at work, the constant streaming nose, the extra energy looking after Elvis alone all day or something completely irrelevant, but I’ve been having a bad few days.

It culminated the other day when everything in my local bank just kept going wrong. It would have been a comedy if it weren’t my life! And it resulted in me walking along, crying in the pouring rain pushing E along. I looked so desperate that some random man tried to stop me to help.

Bless that man. It takes a certain kinda of man to notice that a woman is tearful and an even more special type of man to try and help. I had E and just needed to cry. Ever have one of those days?

So I turned up at my mum’s unannounced because, surprisingly, Elvis cries when I cry.

I’ve had lots of sleep since then, but whilst I’m no longer on the verge of tears, it’s still not a brilliant time right now. But I don’t get to be me and be selfish do I? I don’t get time to myself. I don’t get to see people and be their friend.

No, all of the friends I get to see are mums and we all have our kiddies in tow so we’re all mummies. How can I try and discuss my trivial problems with a friend when they look as if they haven’t slept in days? Why would they want to listen to my non-baby problems? They probably wouldn’t even want to listen to my baby problems.

I just really feel like I need a break, a time out or something. E barely feeds now, only has milk after a meal and then before I go to bed so he can be left. But how do I coordinate that with another mum? I’ve tried multiple times with some friends, but it just never ends up happening.

I wonder if sometimes they need that time-out as much as I do.

Surely everyone does. It’s part of surviving and making it through the toughest class ever!

~ P

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