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Baby Groups: Little Bear

on February 22, 2014

Since September, I have been taking Elvis to baby signing classes with a lovely group called Little Bear. My reasons behind this are two-fold. A close friend is a speech therapist and she recommends babies doing it. And I had speech issues.

Contrary to current me (I could get an Olympic Gold for talking), I didn’t learn to talk until I was about 4. I simply did not talk and I hate the idea of him not being able to communicate.

I love the class, watching all of these similar aged babies develop physically is fantastic, hearing mummies tell the group what new signs their baby has learnt. I love how most of the babies, Elvis included, turn and focus on the teacher as soon as a song starts. She is so captivating.

I love the songs so much I bought the CD and prefer it to all nursery rhyme CDs.

As for actual signs, Elvis recognises quite a few – milk, food, mummy, daddy, maybe all done – but he doesn’t do any. I think he might have signed milk the other day, but he can’t clap or wave yet so I’m not sure he wasn’t just moving his fingers! We’re half way through the 3 terms I plan on doing and I’m happy knowing the signs.

Some people might say that he isn’t recognising the signs, but the words, which is probably true, but I truly believe on the 5 mentioned he recognises the words and signs. Isn’t that the point? Once he has control over his hands and can link a sign to a word the next step would be signing it, communicating and telling me what he wants or needs without crying and without guesswork.

~ P

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