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Eating Hiccups

on February 23, 2014

We decided to start weaning Elvis at just over 5 months with a bit of gentle spoon feeding. He took to it straight away, I mean he could sit up perfectly and we immediately realised he’d already lost his tongue reflex. When he got to 6 months we decided on mixing spoon and finger foods.

I think, like with most things, we went for a combination of methods.

I would never say that we do parent-led parenting, but we also don’t do baby-led. We watched for his signals and adapted to do what was best for all of us as a family. Like, at the moment Elvis wants to nap at about 9am. Two mornings a week we have groups so he can’t. I try and get him to nap at 8, if he doesn’t then he needs to wait.

We could never purely do one or the other.

So with feeding, we decided on some spoon food at each meal and then fun finger foods, too. That way we know he’s definitely eating at each meal. At breakfast he’s spoon fed weetabix, he feeds himself toast and orange segments. Lunch is all finger food, but he always, from the start, eats the banana. Dinner is finger foods with spoon fed yoghurt and fruit.

Unless he’s ill, he eats well, amazing me with how a food he didn’t like one day he eats fine the next – see cheese, rice and pasta.

Until the past few days. Oh my God, I find it so stressful. Normally he’ll do all his spoon fed, then finger or vice versa. Now he wants to alternate, but of course he can’t tell me that! Or he’s decided he’s gone off crackers and weetabix and vegetables and all dinners I make. I’m so glad dinner is just a few spoons off of my plate because it’s frustrating enough that he’s barely eating anything, or that he cries and screams because he can’t decide what he wants to eat.

Uurrgghh! I get very stressed and annoyed at meal times now, I’ve given up eating at the same time.

~ P

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