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TV Watching: Banshee

on February 27, 2014

Hubby and I have only just found this show and we now have only one episode if the season left.

Well, if I ever thought Game of Thrones, True Blood or Sons of Anarchy were violent, Banshee trumps them all. There are certain shows that I won’t even have on in the background during the day because of Elvis, Banshee is one.

Bloody Hell is it violent!

I’ve only squeezed my eyes shut at violence once in Sons of Anarchy (Opie) and been digusted once at True Blood (Bill and balls), but Banshee beat them all with a certain Albino.

It is a violent show. Certainly not for the light hearted. Warnings are also for sexual violence. There’s boobies in every episode with a sex scene in the first 5 minutes of the pilot!

But, none of that detracts from what a good show it is. The lead, Anthony Starr, sounds like Mack from the Unit and looks like a mix of other leads. He has charisma, he has personality and he can pull off being the lead. Pegged as a criminal, a baddie, he quite quickly takes on a caring persona. He does care about people, about right and wrong. Sure, he’ll rip your hand in half or shoot you through the chest without blinking, but only if you’ve done something to deserve it.

When a motorbike gang attacks innocent, Hood goes to an attacked woman. He doesn’t have to care, but he does and he shows far more emotions than Anna/Kerry. I do not like the woman.

I get that she’s putting her family first, but 15 years of pretending and living a lie has turned her into no-one. How can she be so shut off from her emotions when Hood, 15 years in prison, still cares, hates and loves? Is it because she gave up whilst he never did, he waited for her?

No one else significantly stands out for me. I like the Amish girl and the other police officers. Some of the fighting is over the top and not needed (Oleck) but the plot is interesting. There’s enough mystery to keep you questioning what happened in the missing 15 years and before that and enough interest in the present.

As for the future… I’m not sure how ling it can go for. Each episode has to paint other people in a harsh light to warrant Hood (the fake sheriff) going psycho on them (beer bottles to the brain) and how long before his inability to do paperwork and violent tendencies really prick up the authorities ears? Plus, Daddy’s already come to town!

I look forward to Elvis’ bedtime tonight to watch the finale, I’m enjoying the criminal simply sheriffing a town to get back his love and daughter, but who finds himself doing a pretty good job (violence aside).

~ P

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