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Mummy Meltdown and Bawling Babies

Okay it was a bawling Mummy, too!

Elvis has recently kept up his 12 hours of sleep at night, self settling 99% of the time and he’s started having 3 naps of well over an hour. We’re talking maybe 5 hours a day. And he absolutely loves his cot. He can be screaming, whiny, tired boy until he’s left alone in his cot. Then you can get up to 30minutes of happy babble until he falls asleep.

Except he has now decided he won’t sleep anywhere else. His pushchair. Nanny’s. Nowhere. And as he stands in his cot at Nanny’s screaming, I feel like crap.

So I’ve decided, I’m going to take him to Nanny’s and go back 4 hours later. If he gets tired and won’t nap, I won’t be crying, too. I just need to decide on the rules for her. No co-sleeping on the sofa. When E lets us co-sleep (he refused last week because he really loves his cot) I do it safely, I’ve done the research. I’m not sure if I should tell her to not bring lunch forward; I never have.

He needs to be able to sleep elsewhere, right? He used to be able to. Or could this just be a phase?

~ P

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The Inevitable

It’s happened.

This morning at baby group I learnt that a mummy is due baby number 2 in September. Her first turned one today, is 2 months older than Elvis and one of the first mums I met. I haven’t seen her in ages so wouldn’t even say she’s a friend. But she is the first.

She even said that it was sooner than she’d wanted, which still, apparently rankles with the fertility challenged me.

So, I made a decision. Hubby and I discussed it. January 2017. That’s when we’ll go back to the doctors. If it hasn’t happened naturally.

There decision made.

So, now there’ll be no jealousy over seconds, will there? There’ll be no guilt over my hatred, right?

Yeah, okay.

~ P


Monthly Update: Month 10

Weight: 22lb 5oz at 9.5 months.

Bedtime: Still at 7pm, maybe slightly earlier if he finishes his milk quickly.

Naps/Length: Still 2 or 3 a day, from 1hr to 2hours depending on total over the day.

Number of feeds in 24hrs: 2, and sometimes just the one! We might not make it to 12 months of breastfeeding at this rate! I now give Elvis a cup of cow’s milk with breakfast simply because he stopped eating his cereal.

Favourite toy/objects: Cubes, books, balls from his ball pit.

Clothing age: 9-12 months for everything.

Foot length: 10.9cm

Milestones: Can stand unaided for… quite a while. We’ve never managed to time it! Don’t think he’s done any others. He can put objects into a box. Oh, and he’s started clapping!

My swimming ability: 1058m on average.

What I’m reading: Still on Clash of Kings, I keep seeing the countdown for season 4 and thinking, oh I only have a few chapters left… I will try and finish it this weekend! Challenge, accepted!

New Foods: He’s eating meat now and still loves his pasta. I’m not sure we’ve given him anything new. Unless you count the prawn cracker I naughtily gave him. Or the cheesecake my Auntie gave him without permission!

Number of Stairs: All of them, I just haven’t timed him. He hasn’t figured out the safe way of coming down though.

Time Across the Landing: Haven’t timed him in a while. Oops.

Words: None. Booo! I did read somewhere that language is hereditary and I was a late bloomer. I didn’t start speaking until I was 4 after speech therapy, so he has a while to go before I worry!

Fears: He doesn’t like me pretending to be an elephant. Weirdo. He dislikes having doors closed but I think that’s more a dislike than fear. He still hates the hoover, hairdryers and similar noises.


Clean Eating

I’ve had problems finding the right bibs for Elvis and it has very slightly driven me mad! That might be a bit of an exaggeration, after all bibs don’t cost that much and if they fail it’s only clothes you have to wash. I’ve heard many a mummy detailing all of the different bottle types, teat types, sippy cups they’ve had to buy to try and had their child reject. We don’t have that problem. Bottles and teats have never been an issue, if I were to express, Elvis would drink it from his sippy cup.
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Writing My Life Away

I’ve been writing again. Just before Christmas I started, then I stopped. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been writing again. I’m posting a story I finished almost two years ago that some people were in the middle of reading before I got pregnant and paused with it. I’ve posted a new story, a personal story that meant so much to me and I have had such amazing reviews. I’m posting another and writing a third. My muse (Persephone, herself) seems to be unstoppable right now. Every time Elvis goes for a nap or my husband allows me time on his computer (I don’t like typing on his Mac), I forego napping, cleaning, socialising for writing. It’s an addiction!

I may post the personal story in a few days, but looking through my hard drive, I found a letter, an unfinished letter that I wrote in January of 2012 and it seems quite fitting today.

No one has seen this before.

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How Do People Get Pregnant?

Honestly, how?

I was taught that it’s by having sex, but I find that hard to believe, actually, impossible to believe.


How do people get pregnant?

And how the fuck do I get over it?


TV Watching: Vampire Diaries

With TVD and The Originals just back after their Christmas break, I find myself once again so completely captivated by these Vampires. Each and every single one of them.

Except Elena.

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Napping Hiccups

Well, Elvis has decided to eat his meals again without as much fuss as he had started to have, but now it’s his naps!

Oh if it isn’t one thing!

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The Little Details: Check the Unorthodox

A lot of mums, first time or further down the line, probably only want to shop or look in proper shops for items for their children; I’m the same to an extent.

For certain things.

I would never buy a second hand car seat. Or a mattress.

We wanted a brand new cot, brand new changing unit, moses basket and baby bath.

But we’re happy to buy and look at second hand items, and in the cheap, discount shops.

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Reconnecting With Myself

For the past two weeks I’ve withdrawn myself from the outside world a little bit for a number of reasons and I’m wondering if it’s wrong.

Over the past 10 months (9.5 to be exact), I’ve felt under a lot of pressure to do right by everyone socially speaking and I now no longer know if I’m putting myself too high. Or Elvis too low.

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