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TV Watching: The Tomorrow People

on March 1, 2014

I remember loving the 90s kids show The Tomorrow People; it had Todd from Neighbours and I was in love with Christian Tessier. They even had a pod people storyline which didn’t give me nightmares (I cannot cope with Zombies or pod-people) so I wanted to give the new version a go.

Well, it’s ok.

I don’t find any of the characters appealing, every time the lead has a certain look I simply see his brother from Arrow (who is far hotter than Christian Tessier!). I want to care about the characters, but I don’t. Stephen and Astrid were having a moment and I wanted to want something to happen, if that makes sense. I’ve always loved the ‘in love with your best friend, destined to be together’ trope, but I don’t care enough about Stephen or Astrid.

And then in an early ep they spring Kara and John on us. No chemistry. No care. Then Kara and Stephen. Again, I don’t care and it’s just plain stupid on both their parts – you people are freaking mind readers!

Or there’s the fact that the Tomorrow People keep talking about their human lives. Ummm, if you want to deal in specifics you weren’t human because you’re not human so call it your old life. Bugs me no end. Everytime they say it (especially Kara) I feel like I personally am being looked down upon.

I just don’t get how Stephen is existing in 3 worlds almost.

There’s potential. There’s no problems with the acting, the war is interesting and I’m wondering about Stephen’s brother, mother and father. Plus Mark Pelligrino is fantastic (as is Nina from 24!). Sadly I loved Stephen’s evil partner and the dilemma regarding her sister.

I’m only half way through the season so, fingers crossed!

~ P

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