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The Little Details: Generations

on March 5, 2014

As a follow up to buying new socks as a Mummy-to-be, I randomly stated this piece of advice to a M2B earlier. With regards to advice from our parents or older generation:

Things have changed in those 20+ years so things they advise might not be right. But their children/we survived so they weren’t wrong.

And I think it’s the only suggestion I’d really give to anyone because it applies to every element of parenting. Breastfeeding may be considered best but that doesn’t make formula worst. Co-sleeping is suggested to be wrong, but it can be right for your family. Parent led versus baby led, attachment parenting versus not, dummies or feeding to sleep, or rocking to sleep.

You do what you can, what you need for your family. You might regret things, but you had a reason at the time and that’s all that matters – you, your baby and the daddy.

~ P

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