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Clean Eating

on March 16, 2014

I’ve had problems finding the right bibs for Elvis and it has very slightly driven me mad! That might be a bit of an exaggeration, after all bibs don’t cost that much and if they fail it’s only clothes you have to wash. I’ve heard many a mummy detailing all of the different bottle types, teat types, sippy cups they’ve had to buy to try and had their child reject. We don’t have that problem. Bottles and teats have never been an issue, if I were to express, Elvis would drink it from his sippy cup.

His cup goes on his table and he picks it up when he’s thirsty (normally with a lot of backwash included!) But it’s how to keep him clean that’s been our problem.

We were using fabric, velcro bibs. I got fed up with washing them. They’d turn around so his t-shirt would get dirty and then he learnt how to rip them off. Plus the velcro would stick to everything else in the wash. My bras and knickers could not cope.

So I tried an around the neck, long sleeved plastic type one. Well, his arms are too short and the sleeves weren’t elasticy enough.

So I tried a harder plastic, scoop one with a tray to catch the food he drops. Success! He can’t pull it off, it stays where it should and it keeps him clean. Hooray!


Hubby pointed out that it’s too wide so Elvis stopped using his right hand. This made eating in general difficult and holding the cup one handed a bit awkward.

So, my mum found a thin plastic, wipe clean, around the neck with tank sleeves that is long enough to double up slightly at the bottom to catch food but also covers all exposed clothing for 99p! And I love them!

If I forget to wipe it clean I have a spare and I can simply shove it in the sink, too. We don’t have dirty clothes or bobbly bras. They tear quite easily at the underarm seam, but mine has a slight tear in after over a week of frequent use. I know we’ll move on at some point, but for now I’m amazed with the 99p Store bibs!

Oh, and their teethers, their food storage trays, their link toys and their rubber ducks. They also do scented vaccuum storage bags for all of Elvis’ old clothes!

~ P

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