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I mark my diary with how many weeks old Elvis is (49, by the way) and also counting down things I’m excited about.

Here’s what I’m counting down to at the moment –

It is two weeks until our holiday. Well, two weeks yesterday, but that’s just being picky. I am so excited and curious to see how Elvis reacts. Sun, swimming, a dog in the house! And, of course, the plane journey!

It is three weeks until Elvis’ first name day. I have no idea how exactly we’re going to celebrate it in Spain, but it should be fun. We purposefully planned our holiday to end the day after his name day so that he had seven days to acclimatise. Fingers crossed he loves his day. Before we come home for his first party!

It is eight weeks until I return to work! But I only have one day of work in my first week so it should go easy for me anyway.

Then it is about eleven weeks until my first convention in almost two years. I couldn’t make any of my usual three last year, or the first of this year as my son was inconveniently born on the wrong weekend! If only I had my IUI a month earlier! Kidding.  I am incredibly excited about London Film and Comic Con. I’m mostly excited about what I can buy Elvis or how fun it’ll be in a few years when he’s coming, too.

And that’s it. For now! My next three months all planned!

~ P

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TV Watching: Dexter

I am seriously behind on Dexter, we’ve just finished season 4. Now, I knew certain things about season four – is there a time limit on spoilers? – and I was expecting the end scenes.

On the one hand, it was beautiful, how the entire season played into that moment, how things were mirrored, how his secrets were spilling out. All season Harry keeps telling Dex that he can’t have a family, that it will be his downfall and multiple times it almost is. And then, well, his family is transformed into what his was.

On the other hand, I am currently a bawling wreck of sobs! I’m serious. Not just a few tears. I’m all out sobbing. Why? Not because of the loss, but because of Harrison. That little boy… it wasn’t even fully the visual, although horrific, it was the audio. That, completely fictional and not at all harmed, baby was left alone in the bathroom for, how long? When Dex first heard him cry I thought Harrison wpuld be found in his cot, that the ringing cell had woken him.

No, he was sitting there alone, wanting his mummy and wondering why the hell she wasn’t coming to his aid, why she was ignoring him. And I am sobbing wanting to wake up Elvis just so I can hug him.

~ P

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First Date: Captain America and the Winter Soldier

To further get Elvis used to staying at Nanny’s (although I think we can safely say he naps there fine now), Daddy and I took the opportunity to go on a daytime date. The date for our anniversary was once Elvis was in bed at our house, for the cinema we opted for going during the day as Nanny gets bored at our house.

The film ran so late we missed dinner! Which I had left with Nanny just in case. Although I’ve been to the cinema since Elvis was born (Thor The Dark World) and I kept up to date on the Marvellous Marvel whilst very heavily pregnant (anything for RDJ and Iron Man 3) so with the Captain making his second solo outing, we had to pair up to see it!

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Family Day Trip: Royal Armouries

Hubby is seemingly obsessed with his new car so the other day, when he got bored, he suggested a road trip and we ended up at some nearby Royal Armouries. We took our sling, which we have had since birth, but never used and then found out that entry was free!

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Mummy’s Day Out

For a friend’s birthday, I bought her a trip to a local gym and she so very kindly took me. Now, having babies pretty much the same age, we waited for them to nor be so dependent on milk and went off for some gym fun.

It was the best day ever.

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My Breastfeeding Journey – 11 Months

In retrospect I probably should have tried to post regularly about my breastfeeding journey. It was difficult at the beginning, so very very difficult. By three weeks old I was able to feed in public but it hurt, there were latch issues although Elvis and I had established a routine.

Somewhere along the way it all became second nature, just how everyone and everything seemed to imply from day one! We didn’t need the lights on to organise a night time feed. I didn’t need nipple shields. It became normal.

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5 Steps

Elvis has managed five unaided steps today. Twice!


Oh, and he’s mastered coming down the stairs!

~ P

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Baby’s Second Picnic – A Much Better Day

I was so apprehensive about our second picnic invite, this time with two older babies, that I didn’t take any food as I was adamant I was going to feed him at home.

I just really hadn’t wanted another day of sitting there cold as Elvis slept and my friends sat with their babies on the swings. Nor did I want to have a complaining baby because he wanted to move and be free. That was the joy of having the second picnic with older babies (only about 4 months, but they’re toddlers now), they understood Elvis and my frustrations.

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Preparing for Nursery

A fellow Mummy advised me to start doing lots with Elvis, to get him used to not always being alone at home with me before I pack him off to nursery. I’m not sure how much I agree, but it has made me question if there is anything I should do to prepare him.

There’s fewer than 12 weeks now until it all happens, until I graduate this first year and our new family life begins – the one where we work and study, the one that lasts for the next 15 years.

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Monthly Update: Month 11

Weight: 22lb 14oz

Bedtime: Same as before, 7pm for him and maybe half ten for me. He also doesn’t go to sleep straight away anymore and can talk to himself in his cot for up to an hour. I blame the lighter evenings.

Naps/Length: Well, isn’t this a tricky topic! I’ve made him cut out his first nap; 8am was far too early to have a nap especially when twice a week we need to leave the house by 9am! So now we don’t get him up until half 7 (after I eat my breakfast in peace), then he has two naps, one at about 10 or 11 and then at 3. It can take 30-45 minutes of him talking to himself before he falls asleep. These naps vary from 1hr to 2.5hrs, but are about 3 hours for the whole day.

Number of feeds in 24hrs: I was going to wait until today, his 11 month birthday, to drop his two feeds to one, but the other night I was lazy and went to bed without doing his dream feed. He hasn’t had it since. His one remaining feed is a bit hit and miss now.

Favourite toy/objects: He likes dancing on his Sit to Stand Tower, we’ve just discovered that his head being smooshed into things (including me and Daddy) are him hugging! He likes climbing the stairs and would prefer that to toys! Oh, and climbing backwards onto his chair and trying to climb off of the top of it. He climbed onto a toddler seesaw the other day and loved it, along with the large tunnel for climbing through that I thought would scare him!

Clothing age: 9-12 month in everything except his hat which is 1yr to 3yr because I couldn’t find 12-18 month and thought he was too far through for a 9-12month one.

Foot length: Haven’t done it this month yet!

Milestones: He spent a day shaking his head constantly and has now stopped that again! Oh, and, of course, he has two teeth!

My swimming ability: The pool is constantly closed on the weekend, so I’ve started jogging and am currently on 20 minutes twice a week.

What I’m reading: I’ve made it onto the re-read of Storm and Swords.

New Foods: I tried white chocolate today. He did not like it, so more for me!

Teeth: Two! But they’re tiny!

Words: Other than the “ah” noise that me makes when he smooshes things with his face, none.

Fears: Noisy books, the ones with the buttons – he presses the button, screams and then presses the button again. He still hates the hoover. I bought some toy fish for the bath, when he has them in the bath, Elvis is fine, but outside of the bath the green one makes him cry.

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