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TV Watching: Arrow

on April 2, 2014

Okay, I seem to have slipped into a new fandom. It’s worse than simply loving a show and watching it religiously. For me, joining the fandom means googling it, pinning it, reading about it and, if it gets too far, writing about it.

Arrow has gone that far, but that’s for another post! We loved season 1, had no idea where season 2 could go, but I’m still loving it. I miss Tommy, I’m enjoying Roy and the island still intrigues me.

What I don’t like is Sara and the rewritting of history.

It strikes me that I seem to have a bit of a hate on for the girlies (I also dislike Laurel, and of course Elena from the previous TVD post, and Rachel in Suits) but there are plenty I like! It’s not a girlie hate thing. I love the side characters whose popularity soars because of the writing, because of their late addition and maybe their easier adaptions.

Felicity was an add in and not the heroine to be saved and fought over like Laurel was. The writers need to work on making Laurel relevant, Felicity already is. The same on Grimm with Rosalee – I love her and I still can’t stand Juliette.

Excepr Sara is an addition, someone who is easily relevant and yet I dislike her. Huh?

Well, I feel like they’re re-writing history. There was no indication that Sara could be alive in season 1; Olly never gave any little tell like it was possible. Then she appears. Then she states that Laurel only started dating Oliver because Sara fancied him first.

Uh, what?

Are they trying to make us feel sorry for the girl who, in season 1, was the one most in the wrong for cheating on Laurel? And, I’m sorry, but how long were Laurel and Olly together because they’ve been made out to be first loves, destined to have stayed together if it weren’t for Sara and the boat. Did that really start because Laurel wanted to upset Sara? Did everything Laurel feel for Olly in season 1 all because of a relationship that she only started to get back at Sara?

Is it all just to make us feel sorry for Sara? And I don’t think a spiralling Laurel really needs her dead sister turning up. How close could they have been if they each thought so little of the other’s heart?

I don’t have a sister so perhaps it’s normal!

Personally, I have decided that Sara has only been brought in so that Oliver can lose someone! Most people seem to think that Slade is setting Olly up for a decision akin to Shado Vs Sara, which I don’t agree is going to happen. Oliver’s decision has already destroyed Slade, making him the man he is. If anything, I think Slade is just simply going to take someone from Oliver, or make a decision for him. Oliver took Slade’s love, Slade is going to take Oliver’s. Now whether this is Sara, or Laurel, or even Felicity, someone needs to die. Sorry, but after losing Tommy in season one, and given how freaking scared Oliver is of Slade, someone is going to die. My bets would be on Sara, but it could be Laurel.

If it is Sara, then what better way to bring Laurel into the story more, making her relevant when she goes off the deep end after losing her little sister again and takes up the mantle of the Canary?

~ P

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