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The Little Details: Dressing For The Ocassion

on April 3, 2014

Another of my quite random, possibly obscure, things to think about before giving birth!

All of the baby books make a huge point about taking maternity clothing with you to the hospital (umm, wouldn’t that be what you’re wearing?) because after you give birth you’ll still look about 6 months pregnant. Well, kinda, duh, you’re not gonna be back to pre-pregnancy just because the baby’s out, are you?

Elvis was due in the middle of May; I did my maternity shopping in the January Sales and bought trousers, lots of trousers.

Then we got the hottest summer ever!

Along with lots of trousers, I also had lots of maternity tops and just the one nursing top to begin with – luckily this nursing top was actually a summer top. At first, I could not get to grips with nursing clothing whatsoever and hated it. I was determined that, hating it so much, I would wear normal clothes and simply adapt. Or never feed anywhere outside of the house at all.

Now, the problem I had before giving birth at the end of May was that it became summer. It became summer and I was suffering from an incredible heat rash that caused lots of little spots in between every stretch mark and itched like crazy, and all I had were jeans and trousers! Well, there was no way I was going to go and hunt down maternity shorts. Firstly, that sounded like far too much effort for my gigantic size and secondly that would be a waste of money as I was only going to be pregnant for a few more weeks. Instead, I wore an incredibly stretchy dress and leggings.

But then I gave birth.

And I still only fitted in my maternity clothing.

And I only had trousers.

And it was still summer. It was still baking hot.

Plus, I spent the first few months always getting super hot whilst breastfeeding, so the trousers were awful!

Therefore, my advice would be to consider the seasons. Even if it’s to buy one pair of shorts!

Secondly, all of the nursing tops that I then bought over the first few months (in total I bought maybe 10 as I become far more comfortable nursing, got the hang of the tops and prefer using a nursing top to my own clothing), are now completely out-stretched in the tummy area. Of course, the tops I wore for the first few months after birth, were when I still had more of a tummy. They’re baggy and loose, annoying me now when I wear them.

So the second piece of advice, whilst even earlier in your pregnancy, is to buy maternity/nursing tops. Buy the tops with the ruched sides to allow for an expanding bump and secret ways to feed discretely. None of my maternity tops were also nursing tops so I wore them for a few months and then couldn’t. If you have a dual use top, they get dual the use! Of course some people move onto wearing their usual, normal, tops and just hike them up to feed. I do with some of my tops, but a lot of them I don’t want to stretch them up across my tummy and only if I’m staying in. I don’t want my tummy getting cold in public!

~ P

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