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Countdown to Graduating

on April 10, 2014

It’s gradually creeping up on me: Graduation, the time when I graduate from my maternity leave, from The Other Side and return to work.

I want to say return to normal, but nothing will be the normal that it once was ever again. Nope, I just have to figure out a new routine, a new way of doing everything. Which is why I’m chilling out now. Elvis only wants to nap in his cot? Fine, I’m going to enjoy my time at home, relaxing before I graduate. Elvis needs to learn to nap at Nanny’s. Nope, I have even longer before he’ll be going to Nanny’s once a week and who knows what his schedule will be like at 15 months so I’m going to chill about it.

Basically, until we go on holiday, the week before he turns one, I am relaxing and chilling and not caring about after that. I don’t care that he might need to settle into nursery – he can have 5 sessions to do that before I return to work. I don’t care that he refuses to nap at Nanny’s. Who knows how he’ll nap at nursery, and until I know, what’s the point in planning anything?

I keep worrying about his naps (he’s excellent at them, but only does them at home, in his cot. It takes ages in his pushchair or in the car and I think it’s not fair to him – I certainly don’t like sleeping in a chair), trying to get them to work around the groups I want to take him to. Which is fine, because that’s what we do now, but, do you know what? There is no point in trying to forward plan his naps for when I graduate because nursery will be a huge change. We’ll all have to get up earlier so of course his naps will change!

Will he nap in their cot? Will he stay awake all morning and then crash all afternoon when it’s my time with him? Will he need an earlier bedtime? When will he decide to start dropping sleep?


When Elvis was a newborn, I was so concerned with planning, I worried over how everything was going to go at any given time. I pointedly didn’t truly feed on demand because I needed a routine and would refuse to budge a feed if I could. Do you know what? He’s dropped to just two feeds a day, and I don’t mean only when I’m not around. He spends weekdays solidly with me and I never feed him milk until the evening when I force him to feed. He decided to go to bed when he does, to sleep through the night all of his own accord. He learnt to self settle all by himself; I couldn’t even tell you for definite when it happened. I know when he’s tired. I know he has three hours a day, taken depending on when he got up. I did all of that worrying about a baby who sorted himself out. I didn’t need any sleeping books. I haven’t needed any help with stopping him breastfeeding (if anything I worry he should still be feeding more!). So, why should I worry about how everything will change when I graduate?

I should take a leaf out of my baby’s book and be adaptable and I shouldn’t even complain when he refuses to nap elsewhere. One day of little sleep won’t be too taxing on me!


So, yeah, counting down until the end of my chilling! And then my slow graduation because I have two months on minimised hours first! Elvis will adapt. So will I.

~ P

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