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Leaving Elvis

on April 13, 2014

I often leave Elvis and don’t have a second thought. It’s always been with Daddy, never anyone else.

This is going to sound awful, but I trust strangers more than my family with him.
The thought of family watching him and trying to get him to nap completely stresses me out. I don’t trust them to follow my rules.

And I have no idea how to get over it.

How do I tell someone my rules? How do I know if they follow them or break them? How do I learn to stand up for myself?

~ P

6 responses to “Leaving Elvis

  1. One thing that I have found when leaving the kids with others, is that sometimes the way I do it doesn’t work for someone else. Even my husband has different routines with the kids when he puts them too bed. Not too different, but a little.
    As far as trusting someone to follow your rules… Intuition and first impressions go a long way!

    • Persephone says:

      It seems to be working, and, yes, my mum doesn’t stick to nap times – she goes by him acting tired, which is fine! He also seems to be fine sleeping at hers now. Maybe it was just because I was there!

      • I am glad he is doing better at your moms! Isn’t funny how kids are sometimes easier going when we aren’t there?

      • Persephone says:

        Definitely. And he always seems completely fine with me leaving. Yesterday he crawled at Daddy not me when we’d both been out for the afternoon!

      • That’s sweet and sad at the same time! I think it’s great he is doing so well with you leaving and coming back! It shows he has no fear of abandonment! That must make your graduation back to work coming up a little easier!

      • Persephone says:

        It does make thinking about work easier. I think I worry less about Nursery because he’ll love playing and he won’t care too much about me!

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