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Preparing for Nursery

on April 22, 2014

A fellow Mummy advised me to start doing lots with Elvis, to get him used to not always being alone at home with me before I pack him off to nursery. I’m not sure how much I agree, but it has made me question if there is anything I should do to prepare him.

There’s fewer than 12 weeks now until it all happens, until I graduate this first year and our new family life begins – the one where we work and study, the one that lasts for the next 15 years.

I’ve been enjoying chilling with my boy at home. I’ve minimised our time, not filling it with activities, but only doing one a day and only filling up two days per week. It’s partly because then I can relax, who knows how often I’ll get that sort of time when I’m at work! And it’s partly because maybe I won’t get that time with Elvis when I’m at work.

When I go back to work, I’ll have 2 months of working 3 mornings with Elvis slowly building up to 4 mornings in Nursery by September. Then, in the new term, Elvis will spend 4 mornings in Nursery and one afternoon with Nanny, only one whole day without me where Nanny will collect him from Nursery; we’ll work up to that.

So, should I be preparing him? Should I be doing more things with him? Should I be filling our days with events that he’s too young to remember? Should I be weaning him off of the house? Off of time with me?

We’ve spent two successful mornings with Elvis alone with Nanny, not to get him used to her, but to practice napping not in the cot. How can I do more? Leave him for a whole 5 hours like I will at Nursery?

Maybe it’s just a natural Mummy thing, to doubt everything you do! Should I be introducing him to animals at the park, in zoos and aquariums? Should I be filling our time with friends and fun, tiring us both out and stressing me out slightly? Is there anything I should be doing to get him ready for leaving me and spending mornings at a Nursery?

I was happy simply enjoying our time, waiting for warmer weather and minimised together time. When is the cut off time for introducing new experiences? A lot of my concerns over raising Elvis stems from the foster children I’ve had contact with through my mum.

Apparently damage before the age of three means a child has had it for life! I’ve seen under fives who have no respect for books, no idea at all what they’re for. I’ve watched children head off for their first day at school unable to read, unable to say the alphabet or even recognise letters and numbers. The saddest thing was a four year old who did not know how to play.

How can someone so young, innocent and seemingly a blank slate to start their entire life, not know how to play? When this child first came to live with us, they had no concept of play or imagination. After a year, they started playing house with siblings. Finally!

I’m an only child and cannot understand anyone not being happy alone, not being to imagine and create, to spend whole summer holidays virtually alone. I don’t remember an excess of trips to the park, zoos, funfairs etc, etc. When I get back to work, I will be parenting less, teaching Elvis less.

Is my quality time with Elvis and at home hindering him?

~ P

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