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My Breastfeeding Journey – 11 Months

on April 24, 2014

In retrospect I probably should have tried to post regularly about my breastfeeding journey. It was difficult at the beginning, so very very difficult. By three weeks old I was able to feed in public but it hurt, there were latch issues although Elvis and I had established a routine.

Somewhere along the way it all became second nature, just how everyone and everything seemed to imply from day one! We didn’t need the lights on to organise a night time feed. I didn’t need nipple shields. It became normal.

Well we now stand at eleven months and our journey will be ending soon. I’d originally simply hoped I could stick it out until a year, wondering if I could get there and if it was ever going to get easier. Somewhere along the way, when it became natural, I began to realise that Elvis was going to wean himself sooner rather than later.

In fact at nine months he cut his feeds in half, from 4 to just 2 and I decided to try and not drop a further one until 11 months. It’s daunting when he, as an under one, starts to stop feeding. I’ve never known how much he’s taken, obviously, but I am certain he is barely taking any milk anymore.

A few nights ago, so just shy of 11 months, I complained that I was tired and couldn’t be bothered to dream feed him. Seriously how awful a mother does that make me sound?! I had an inkling that he was just using me as a dummy on that feed so, being tired, I decided to test my theory.

I’m not that evil though, I was fully aware that I might need to feed him during the night. But I didn’t. And he never altered his evening feed so I went 24 hours without feeding. He seemed fine and I had no pain or discomfort.

Doesn’t that just prove he hadn’t been feeding at 10pm? So we’re down to one feed right before bed and I have complete faith in him to decide when he wants to stop.

Fingers crossed he makes it to a year, not for me, but for him.

~ P


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