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TV Watching: Dexter

on April 29, 2014

I am seriously behind on Dexter, we’ve just finished season 4. Now, I knew certain things about season four – is there a time limit on spoilers? – and I was expecting the end scenes.

On the one hand, it was beautiful, how the entire season played into that moment, how things were mirrored, how his secrets were spilling out. All season Harry keeps telling Dex that he can’t have a family, that it will be his downfall and multiple times it almost is. And then, well, his family is transformed into what his was.

On the other hand, I am currently a bawling wreck of sobs! I’m serious. Not just a few tears. I’m all out sobbing. Why? Not because of the loss, but because of Harrison. That little boy… it wasn’t even fully the visual, although horrific, it was the audio. That, completely fictional and not at all harmed, baby was left alone in the bathroom for, how long? When Dex first heard him cry I thought Harrison wpuld be found in his cot, that the ringing cell had woken him.

No, he was sitting there alone, wanting his mummy and wondering why the hell she wasn’t coming to his aid, why she was ignoring him. And I am sobbing wanting to wake up Elvis just so I can hug him.

~ P

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