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Mothering Annual Leave

I’ve been struggling a bit recently – being exhausted one day, insomnia the next – and I really feel like I need a holiday.

In the past 12 months, hubby has gone away for the weekend for his 30th birthday, had at least 3 big nights out with recovery needed the next day and been away on a handful of football day trips. 

What have I had?

I had one night at my mum’s where I was home by half 7 in the morning. I’ve had three nights out where I was home by 10 (one with hubby) and one day at a spa (which was bliss).

I want to run away.

Hubby is currently sleeping off a work night out, he came home at lunch and took a half day. I had no sleep last night due to insomnia, but I get no half day. I stopped breastfeeding over a week ago, but bedtimes are still all me. In about 6 weeks I’m having a day away to attend a signing convention, I’m seriously considering staying there the night for an obscene cost just to have a day off.

Does that make me selfish or normal?

~ P

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Monthly Update: 12 Months! OMG, the big First Year!

Weight: 23 lbs 14oz.

Bedtime: 7pm. He still sleeps pretty much perfectly.

Naps/Length: One or two a day. His first can be as early as half 9 and last two hours. If he has a second nap, it can be about 3 or 4 in the afternoon and I wake him at 5. Sometimes he just talks to himself from 4 until 5!

Number of feeds in 24hrs: One, before his bedtime, but I think it’s a comfort thing only, although there is still milk there.

Favourite toy/objects: His egg stacker, ball pit and Mega Blocks.

Clothing age: 9-12 and 12-18. Vests he needs the bigger size. Trousers he needs the length of the smaller size.

Foot length: no idea, he won’t let me touch his feet!

Milestones: Walking! Getting better every day, too. Oh, and he’s good at coming down the stairs now, too.

My swimming ability: My ability is dropping slightly, 48 lengths!

What I’m reading: Middle of the first volume of Storm of Swords. I also read Power Trip by Jackie Collins on holiday.

New Foods: Tortilla. Cake.

Number of Stairs: Crawls up all of them and back down!

Words: none, but he does babble “dadda-did-it”.

Fears: For ages this month, he screamed at having shoes go near his feet. He had no problems with his Grandparents’ huge dog, but a barky little one petrified him. Most of the animals at the safari park in Spain scared him, too.

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Things I Yearned for on Holiday

A pushchair with a sun shade.

A pushchair that Elvis will actually go to sleep in.

A highchair to make meals not need two adults and meals that will actually include fruit and veg!

My tivo! Although I have loved spending the evenings sitting by the pool re-reading Storm of Swords, I have missed my tele. I’m a week behind on Game of Thrones.

Having stair and door gates, and all the other safety things we have at home!

My bed and duvet.

A spare bed for drunk hubby!

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Things I have Learnt This Holiday

Take lidded baby wipes to the beach.

Take spray sun tan lotions to the beach.

Elvis loves dogs, the sea and playing in the sand.

He also loves Mega Blocks building bricks.

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#ThrowbackThursday: Elvis Has Left the Womb

This is a reposting of the blog I wrote 365 days ago, on day 288 of my pregnancy. I have no recollection of writing it or even what I wrote. That makes me scared to read back the other early day blogs!

Day 288 or term plus 13 according to scans and I am well and truly utterly in love with my son.

I am alone with him on a post natal ward (there is a mother with her daughter) and I am already terrified as I have no idea how to be a parent. It brought tears to my eyes.

I also know that I love him like no other, which brought tears to my eyes.

I got rather high on gas and air earlier and was convinced of so many ludicrous things but one, quite logically if you read my blog or know me, was that we wouldn’t end up a happy family of 3. I was convinced of it (high) and demanded my husband choose our son (drugged up) when neither of us was ever at risk!

But after these two really long days I can say with pride that I’m finally a mother and have made it from the trenches, across No Man’s Land, survived the Waiting Game and am now on the other side.

Elvis has left the womb, folks, and entered my family.

Love to everyone who reads this,
~ Persephone M

Here’s to the next 365 or 288 days!

Happy first NameDay, Elvis, first of your name!

~ P

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#WordlessWednesday: 365 Days Later

Elvis shortly after birth

Elvis shortly after birth


1 year on, after a swim


Things I will Miss About Being on Holiday

I will miss falling asleep on a sun lounger whilst Elvis naps in a room nearby.

I will miss the lazy mornings with Elvis playing for half an hour in bed with us.

I will miss watching my son sit in the surf on the beach, throwing sand and shouting with glee.

I will miss sitting by the pool, reading Storm of Swords and drinking Sangria whilst hubby plays the e-book of Game of Thrones next to me.

There are things I won’t miss at all, but that’s for another post!

~ P
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Spanish Sleeping

When we first got here to Spain, the thought of all three of us in the same bedroom was kind of daunting. We haven’t done it in 8 months or so and I can be such a funny sleeper that the thought of two other people in the room breathing and keeping me awake kinda scared me.

But do you know what? It’s actually been really enlightening.

We’ve been woken up in the morning by giggling, rolling over and seeing Elvis lying in his cot, in the pitch black, giggling at… I have no idea. I’ve gotten him to go for a nap simply by lying on the bed where he can see me and he’s stopped screaming and gone to sleep; as did I. We’ve picked him up in the morning and put him in the bed inbetween us and had more giggles and some quiet times, scoring a semi lie-in.

I might miss going home and putting him in a room a whole 5 meters away! Although I do now wonder if he will get too used to seeing us in the morning!

~ P
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Inconsiderate Individuals

I am beginning to be completely at the end of my tether when it comes to peoples’ expectations of my son. Strangely enough it’s from people who have already had children which makes it all the more laughable. And annoying.

I’m sorry that my almost 1 year old does not want to just sit around in a pub, bar or restaurant.

I am sorry that after finishing his meal, Elvis does not want to sit there drinking his water whilst you finish your wine or continue chatting.

I’m sorry that all he wants to do is walk around and I’m also sorry that I have yet to train my son to wear shoes so whilst we’re out he can’t walk around.

I’m sorry that Elvis is perfectly happy playing with toys that are age appropriate and not your coasters or chairs.

I’m sorry that I am so inconvenient that I have a child that intereferes with your plans.

I’m sorry that people claim they want to see my son but are either liars or have no idea about children, or my child is so vastly different to any other children they know, that they actually spend no time at all with my son.

Do you know what I’m most sorry about? I’m sorry that I care. I’m sorry that I try and be flexible.  I’m sorry that I give two flying pigs about these people.

Mostly though, I’m sorry that I never say anything and stand up for myself and my son. How can Elvis learn from me when I keep making the same mistake?

~ P
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Is Sand Yummy?

It honestly,  naively perhaps,  never occurred to me that when taking Elvis to the beach he would try and eat it.

He face-bombed the sand, his version of a cuddle and kiss and then sat up with sand on his forehead, in his eyes, up his nose and in his mouth. Everytime he sneezed more sand appeared. Then he tried to eat stones, then handfuls of sand, then he began chewing the bucket and spade, eating more sand. We gave up and let him eat sand, remaining vigilent on the stone-eating issue.

Then I walked him to the sea and let the waves get him. He loved it, smiling with each incoming wave and wanting to walk further out with each outward wave.

Elvis is so truly amazing, I don’t believe it. Passengers on the plane were in love with him, complimenting on how well he’s been brought up. Old ladies at breakfast fall in love with him. He needs work when he’s tired, but he can be distracted and doesn’t cry. He hasn’t been scared by his Grandparents’ dog. He isn’t afraid of he sea or sand.

How have I made such a little boy?

~ P
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