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Elvis Hates Feet

on May 8, 2014

Oh. My. God.

For days now I have been trying to get a footprint from Elvis. Well, he screams when I touch his feet so my monthly foot record fails at 11 months! I thought it was just a rebellious thing, like somehow he was trying to spite me in his own little baby way.

Until I took him shoe shopping!

I only relented in buying shoes because of our upcoming holiday; the sand and area around the pool will be hot on his innocent feet. Dragiing hubby with me, because I feares Elvis’ reaction, we went to try on shoes.

It was not simple crying. It was not simple frustration from him. It was out and out screaming! The sales assistant came over to see if we were okay. I have no idea what I’d have done without Daddy there.

We finally figured out that size 6 were too big but 5s seemed fine, 4’s far too small. But Elvis was screaming, the dummy wasn’t calming him, I was hoping everyone was ignoring us. Daddy picked Elvis up, he continued crying but his screaming stopped and I decided on a different style of shoe and did not bother trying them on. It was far too much hassle.

They’re strap in sandals which I hope will be better for him as the toes are open and they won’t be as tricky to get his feet into. I hope.

I’m taking some soft sock-shoes which will be hot and look silly, but he’ll at least put them on as he’s fine with socks. Elvis hates anything other than socks touching his feet!



His new shoes

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