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School Girl Mentality

on May 11, 2014

Only a few times over the past year have I felt awkward at baby groups or around baby mummies. It’s only been a few times where I’ve felt as if I’m back at school with the popular girls picking on the not so popular, cliques forming all around me and opinions being voiced without being thought through.  On even fewer occasions it has brought me to tears.

The question is though, is it them acting like school girls or is me and how I interpret others’ actions?

It’s the comments that imply breastfeeding is far superior than formula and the looks I’ve then seen on a formula feeding mummy’s face.

It’s the odd random comments on social media that could easily be a negative comment on how another mummy is living their life, perhaps only just surviving, but then feeling like you’re being criticised for your decisions.

It’s the group invites that didn’t include me – the summer picnics, the winter Santa outings, the new groups.

It’s feeling like you’re not good enough to be one of them, you’re not good enough to be in their conversations, to be included with them.

It’s the negative comments directed at a nearby mummy’s appearance.

It’s being made to feel bad about how you’re living your life, how you’re being a mummy by another mummy and them not even realising.

Nine months ago I thought I was having a wonderful time making all of these friends, but I haven’t made as many as I thought at all. In fact I have lost some.

How much of this is me being stuck in those memories of being at school and feeling everyone leave me out, talk about me and criticise me?

How much of it is them still being who they were in school, or who they wished they’d been?

How much of it is just picking the wrong acquaintances?

How much of it will rub off on Elvis?

~ P

2 responses to “School Girl Mentality

  1. Leanne says:

    You know I think this is just part of life in general as I feel the exact same way in the Cosplay community. Are they looking down on me or am I just feeling paranoid?

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