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on May 17, 2014

I am beginning to be completely at the end of my tether when it comes to peoples’ expectations of my son. Strangely enough it’s from people who have already had children which makes it all the more laughable. And annoying.

I’m sorry that my almost 1 year old does not want to just sit around in a pub, bar or restaurant.

I am sorry that after finishing his meal, Elvis does not want to sit there drinking his water whilst you finish your wine or continue chatting.

I’m sorry that all he wants to do is walk around and I’m also sorry that I have yet to train my son to wear shoes so whilst we’re out he can’t walk around.

I’m sorry that Elvis is perfectly happy playing with toys that are age appropriate and not your coasters or chairs.

I’m sorry that I am so inconvenient that I have a child that intereferes with your plans.

I’m sorry that people claim they want to see my son but are either liars or have no idea about children, or my child is so vastly different to any other children they know, that they actually spend no time at all with my son.

Do you know what I’m most sorry about? I’m sorry that I care. I’m sorry that I try and be flexible.  I’m sorry that I give two flying pigs about these people.

Mostly though, I’m sorry that I never say anything and stand up for myself and my son. How can Elvis learn from me when I keep making the same mistake?

~ P
Untagged and potentially hormone-ridden post.

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