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Monthly Update: 12 Months! OMG, the big First Year!

on May 30, 2014

Weight: 23 lbs 14oz.

Bedtime: 7pm. He still sleeps pretty much perfectly.

Naps/Length: One or two a day. His first can be as early as half 9 and last two hours. If he has a second nap, it can be about 3 or 4 in the afternoon and I wake him at 5. Sometimes he just talks to himself from 4 until 5!

Number of feeds in 24hrs: One, before his bedtime, but I think it’s a comfort thing only, although there is still milk there.

Favourite toy/objects: His egg stacker, ball pit and Mega Blocks.

Clothing age: 9-12 and 12-18. Vests he needs the bigger size. Trousers he needs the length of the smaller size.

Foot length: no idea, he won’t let me touch his feet!

Milestones: Walking! Getting better every day, too. Oh, and he’s good at coming down the stairs now, too.

My swimming ability: My ability is dropping slightly, 48 lengths!

What I’m reading: Middle of the first volume of Storm of Swords. I also read Power Trip by Jackie Collins on holiday.

New Foods: Tortilla. Cake.

Number of Stairs: Crawls up all of them and back down!

Words: none, but he does babble “dadda-did-it”.

Fears: For ages this month, he screamed at having shoes go near his feet. He had no problems with his Grandparents’ huge dog, but a barky little one petrified him. Most of the animals at the safari park in Spain scared him, too.

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