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Okay, I’m dressed, teeth cleaned and bags all ready.

I’m off to work in about 15 minutes. First time since April 2014, I think.

Elvis’ first two mornings at nursery went perfectly. The staff love him – he keeps his hat on outside, doesn’t squirm for sun cream, eats all of his food and fell asleep in the cot without needing to be rocked or held! My little superstar!

Now, I have to go to work. Aaarrggghhh!

So scared and nervous. No idea why.

~ P

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Nursery Settling: Session 3

The one where I left him for a whole hour!

Well, he didn’t bat an eyelid at me leaving him.

He did come walking to me when I got back, back he had been happy prior to that.

Honestly, he was jumping at the gate to be let in when we got there so he had no fear of the place after being abandoned the day before.

And he hasn’t had any nightmares or clingy moments (we’ll test that at baby group tomorrow afternoon). He’s been happy to be alone with me, with daddy and with nanny.

He’s such a good little adapter.

I still don’t think he’ll nap on Monday!

~ P

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Nursery Settling: Session 2

Yesterday was the second settling session at nursery. After a little bit of playing in the garden there, I said goodbye and went inside to fill in paperwork. He did cry when I walked away, but I think he stopped quite quickly.

Until half way through the paperwork when all I could for at least 5 minutes was him crying outside. It was very hot, he had woken early from his nap and he’d never been in the garden there before.

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Nursery Settling: Session 1

We had our first hour at nursery yesterday, where Elvis and I got to play with all the toys and other children. It took him a while to have the confidence to leave me to wander across the room, but he happily did and then started playing quite happily with some of the children.

When we came to leave he even had a cry out because he wanted to stay playing, then he wanted to go and play in the back garden with the older children. My son would be the one who cries when we leave!

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Nursery Reservations

It finally happened. I have finally had some sad thoughts about nursery.

We were at a toddler group and Elvis was happily playing in the garden when he started to look around for me. He didn’t seem worried and, when he saw me, he didn’t smile in relief; he was just checking on me. What happens at nursery when he wants to check where I am?

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Happy Father’s Day

The following is a post fot my father, a man who I think I’ve only really started to learn about in the past year since I became a mum.

My dad wasn’t like most dads and I don’t mean that he was one of a kind or the best dad ever. By the time I started school, in the late 80s, my mum and dad swapped familial roles and he became the house-husband, she worked 9-5 and he was the stay at home dad. I’m not sure what percentage do it now, but 30 years ago he was the only one in my school.

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One Year Jabs

We went for Elvis’ first year vaccinations a few days ago and to say I was scared was an understatement. I was petrified, desperate for hubby to come with me. How was I supposed to hold a big, heavy, squirmy one year old who was going to be in pain?

He was fine until I started having to shift him into the right position on my lap. It was as if, in that instant, he knew something bad was about to happen. He started screaming!

Then the 3 needles came out. Well, he was already crying.

When the nurses were done, I stood up immediately and he calmed a bit looking out the window but completely calmed when I gave him cheerios. And he’s been fine since. I’m so relieved!

When are the next set?


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End of the Year

Sometimes I dread the thought of going back to work.  Other times, after a day where I had insomnia and Elvis has a very rare day of refusing to nap, I can’t rush the remaining few weeks.

He had a very bad day the other day where he barely napped, I took him to a group at his usual nap time ao it was entirely my fault! But it got me worried. Elvis will be at nursery all morning 4 mornings a week and he usually naps in the morning for at least an hour and a half. What if he doesn’t at nursery and then refuses at home? What if he does spend half of his nursery time asleep, isn’t that equally as annoying?

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Wishing Away Elvis’ Life

I just saw a post in a facebook group that essentially told all mums to calm down and relax with their babies, to stop wishing away their baby years ans trying to fast forward things.

Oh. My. God.

I hate people that say this. I guess probably just as much as I hate people who strongly declare for the other side, too.

I hated the newborn phase. I wish in some ways that I could go back and relive those three months with faith of the outcome. However, I did have people telling me it would get better, I did have people telling me to relax and enjoy it, I did have people telling me to stop wishing away Elvis’ first year.

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Giving Up Everything

Warning: Another Facebook Based Rant Again!

Years ago a friend (I use the term loosely and have now cut her out of my life for numerous reasons) posted a facebook status about giving up things when being a mum. I think it’s giving up tans for dark circles under their eyes, salon haircuts for ponytails, designer bags for diaper bags and long baths for quick showers.

It pissed me off then and it’s pissed me off today when the same statement is filling my timeline!

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