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Giving Up Everything

on June 9, 2014

Warning: Another Facebook Based Rant Again!

Years ago a friend (I use the term loosely and have now cut her out of my life for numerous reasons) posted a facebook status about giving up things when being a mum. I think it’s giving up tans for dark circles under their eyes, salon haircuts for ponytails, designer bags for diaper bags and long baths for quick showers.

It pissed me off then and it’s pissed me off today when the same statement is filling my timeline!

I think the point of the statement is that once you’re a mum, you’ll be selfless and give up all of those things. But does that make a mum selfish for having those things?

Does it make a mum selfish for spending their money how they chose, and if that means they can have designer bags and diaper bags, so be it? My diaper bag is a designer bag. It was a gift, but if I could have afforded it and everything my son needs, how is that selfish?

Does it make a mum selfish to hand over bedtime to Daddy and take a nice long bath, big bubbles and a glass of wine?

Does it make a mum selfish to find some time to get to a hairdresser or beauty salon, leaving their child with Daddy perhaps?

Is it right for a mum to give up every single thing that made them a person before a child came in to their lives?

Years ago, the statement upset and angered me and it still does for the above reasons and because, yes, 2 years ago I would have gladly given up everything that I had to become a mum. People run around making broad statements without thinking about anyone else.

Yes, I would given up everything to have a child and I will now do everything I feel right. If that means, once in a while, treating myself, I will and I will not feel guilty about having a hair cut, spending the day away, spending money on me and enjoying a bath!

~ P

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