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Wishing Away Elvis’ Life

on June 11, 2014

I just saw a post in a facebook group that essentially told all mums to calm down and relax with their babies, to stop wishing away their baby years ans trying to fast forward things.

Oh. My. God.

I hate people that say this. I guess probably just as much as I hate people who strongly declare for the other side, too.

I hated the newborn phase. I wish in some ways that I could go back and relive those three months with faith of the outcome. However, I did have people telling me it would get better, I did have people telling me to relax and enjoy it, I did have people telling me to stop wishing away Elvis’ first year.

But I also known that if I did go back, if I could rewind time but retain my knowledge, it probably would make very little difference.

Yes, I wished away those three months.  I only truly started loving my new life, being a mum and everything that comes with it at about 5 months old. I needed to wish away those 3 months, I needed to get over them because I needed to and to read a facebooker telling mums to, what? Just get over it?

I overheard some mums telling a new mummy that they, with almost 1 year olds, missed that newborn baby phase and that mum would do, too. I still don’t miss that phase. I honestly don’t think I will. They would, apparently, freeze their child as a newborn.

Me? I would not freeze any age.  I would video Elvis from 5 months and replay it in my mind. Everytime that he figures out how to do something, I burst with pride.  When he first leant on his playbox and stood up unaided, I almost cried.

I cannot remember much of his first three months, but do I regret it? No. I coped the way I saw best, as many mums do, so stop telling me I’ve wished away and wasted his first year. What’s even worse is when a family member tells me that! I guess because they’re not generically saying it. Nope, they are directly telling me to stop wishing my baby’s life away. IT WAS HOW I COPED! I, me, not you, dearest relative, I am not you and everytime you tell me that, or give your view on how you parented it simply makes me feel like the worst mum ever.

Sod off!

~ P


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