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Changing The Routine: An Update

on July 28, 2014

I thought it had been ages since I last posted, but it’s only really been 8 days. But that was a standard post that had been sitting in my drafts for ages.

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve become quite complacent about blogging. I did write a few poems the other weekend and set up scheduled posts on my original blog to see it through to Christmas! I also have an idea about a photography series on here.

What I really need to do is find the motivation to post!

It has nothing to with finding the time; since returning to work I’ve found myself oddly motivated to clean. When I’m not napping that is. I blame being 15 weeks pregnant on the napping issue. And getting bored.

For a month now, Elvis has been at nursery 4 mornings a week. Daddy drops him off at half 7, I get to work for 8. At 12 I head home, prepare dinner if it’s a slow cooker meal and then pick up Elvis at 1. Until this week, I’ve then been heading straight to a group, park or Nanny’s for a few hours before getting Elvis home for a nap by 3. This then gives me two hours-ish to tidy, do stuff, get bored, nap, etc.

I was doing it this way for two reasons. First was so that I was having productive time with Elvis, actually doing things with him rather than just playing with toys in my lounge. Secondly, I’ve been in the tired trimester and if we came home from nursery would I actually play with Elvis or just fall asleep on the floor!?!?

Well, it was all well and good for me, but most days Elvis would be over-tired and take ages to fall asleep at his 3pm nap. Then sometimes I’d have to wake him up for dinner and he’d be understandably upset when awoken and chat to himself for hours at bedtime (more annoying than anything).

And, of course, some days he doesn’t nap at nursery at all! 1 hour is his maximum.  So, I really didn’t think our routine was best for him.

With slightly more energy in myself, and summer holidays proving to be too hot at 1pm and now filling the parks with older children, today I started the new routine.

Aside from popping in a shop after nursery, we came straight home and Elvis went straight to bed. He’s still there almost 3 hours later! And I have cleaned the kitchen, bathroom and tidied some stuff for packing (the house move might be imminent). Rather productive for me, especially without napping!

My plan is that if he wakes up early enough and it isn’t too hot, we’ll head to a park before dinner. Obviously also dependent on what I’m cooking! If there isn’t enough time for that, well, maybe we’ll do some painting instead! Because there is little chance of me cooking his dinner whilst he’s up and awake! At this rate today, the park’s out of the question, but I’m counting it as a success.

We’ll have to concentrate on visiting places on the weekend, doing quality things and making memories then rather than on a weekday. Until we move and have a better garden! I just can’t keep waking him up at 5 and this is better for him. It’s not as if there are mummy friends or even non-mummy friends I could really be spending the time with – most work different times to me.

Day one, I like the new routine so far!

~ P

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