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Moving Home: Things To Look Forward To

on August 8, 2014

Since I was about 4 months pregnant with Elvis, hubby and I have lived in a house that I only bought as an investment to rent out. I never really paid much attention to the pros and cons of whoever was going to live there. Wish I had when it ended up being us for almost 2 years. Earlier this year, I bought a new house for my mum so that she and I can do a house swap – she will downsize into a new house, I will upsize into her house (my childhood home) and then my current house will be sold (because sod the renting out thing again).

I wanted to compile a little list of the pros and cons of each house and immortalise why I will miss some features, and won’t miss others.

We currently live in a two up, two down and it is pretty tiny. There’s no real entrance area so you’re straight into the lounge, which goes straight into a kitchen. Oh, and the stairs are right there in the lounge. There is a back door which is actually on the side of the building and leads to a tiny paved over area where the bins are kept. Upstairs, there is one double bedroom, a bathroom and then a bedroom which is not quite a box room. There’s a loft entrance on the landing. There is no front garden; the house is right on the street.

My mum’s house, which we will be moving in to has a front garden with flower borders and its very own drive. There is a nice long hallway upstairs and down, stairs in front of the door and space around the entrance. There are 4 rooms up and down, an outside shed with lighting and power, a back garden which is paved but has raised flower borders. There is a kitchen-diner downstairs and two reception rooms, a conservatory with downstairs toilet. Upstairs there is a bathroom and three double bedrooms. There is a loft hatch in one of the bedrooms.

Now, for the things to look forward to:

  • Space! it is my biggest problem at the moment. For over a year, Elvis’ next age of clothes have to be hung in hubby’s wardrobe. The toys and clothes he’s outgrown have to be hidden in our wardrobes. Oh, and all my DVDs are under my bed!
  • Three bedrooms. When it’s hot or I have insomnia or am too pregnant to share a bed or too tired to put a newborn in their own bed, one of us goes on the sofa! For nights, weeks or months at a time. Not very relaxing.
  • There’s no escape! The house is so small that there is no way to escape the crying screams for a 5 minute deep breath. Unless you close the bedroom door and open the window wide. Which leads to…
  • Peace and quiet! We live on a relatively quiet street, but there’s a busy road at the end and all of our windows open out onto the street. It’s noisy. All the time. Except for a few hours overnight, but that’s when all the chavs come home drunk and have yelling matches. Apparently this has to be done right under my window.
  • Speaking of traffic, I won’t miss the constant dirt and dust that invades my home because of all the traffic! It’s disgusting. In summer I have to wipe over the bathroom every day before little fingers try to eat it!
  • I am really looking forward to the space in my bedroom, not having to squeeze a Moses basket in and blocking a wardrobe just to keep Elvis close in those first 4 months. Robin is gonna get spoiled.
  • Not being bored! I’m typing this list slowly on my phone, trapped in my bedroom as my two boys are asleep in the other two rooms. There’s a perfectly good tv and computer down there, but I don’t like waking hubby. Oooh, the many different rooms once we move!
  • Having outside space! We will actually have a back garden where it’s safe to leave outdoor toys. It might almost be the end of summer, but Elvis and I will get lots of use out of it. It could have been really nice in the recent heatwave, to sit out there on an evening!
  • Storage space! Ignoring the extra rooms that can easily house all my crap, there’s a shed that can have all the tools rather than a kitchen cupboard! Then there’s a loft hatch which isn’t blocking entrance to a bedroom so can be accessed at any point. I can sort through things. I can put things away!
  • Clothing space! As I was pregnant when we moved, I left my normal clothes at my mum’s and took my maternity stuff only. Well I did claim back some of those clothes earlier this year, but ended up quickly packing them away again! When we move I can have three wardrobes, if I want. One for maternity/nursing, one for my pre/post-pregnancy clothes. I could even divide that by summer and winter! Every girl’s dream.
  • Not keeping my pushchair in the lounge and shoes on a bookcase! We have no entrance area. We have no where to put shoes, coats, bags or the pushchair other than in the lounge. My bookcase is filled with bags (nursery, swimming, work, shopping and changing), shoes and boxes of Elvis’ coats. My coats were mainly kept in the bedroom. And the lounge is always filthy because of the dirt tracked in by shoes and the pushchair.
  • Drying clothes outside! Even though our garden is walled off, it still isn’t secure enough for me to put washing out there unless I’m home. So we haven’t been able to make use of this amazing weather. And then we have to dry the clothes in the lounge. Hello, underwear! That was why we bought a washer dryer though for the winter months, but it’s not really economical.
  • A fuse box that. Just. Keeps. Tripping! There’s no pattern, no rhyme and no reason, bam! Power’s off. Bye bye TV, baby monitor, fridge! Bad enough when you’re sat, stuck to the sofa with a sleeping newborn. Even worse when you’re out all day and the frozen food is all ruined! Doesn’t happen where we’re moving!

I think that’s about it!

~ P

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