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Moving Home: Things I’ll Miss

on August 14, 2014

Since I was about 4 months pregnant with Elvis, hubby and I have lived in a house that I only bought as an investment to rent out. I never really paid much attention to the pros and cons of whoever was going to live there. Wish I had when it ended up being us for almost 2 years. Earlier this year, I bought a new house for my mum so that she and I can do a house swap – she will downsize into a new house, I will upsize into her house (my childhood home) and then my current house will be sold (because sod the renting out thing again).

I wanted to compile a little list of the pros and cons of each house and immortalise why I will miss some features, and won’t miss others.

We currently live in a two up, two down and it is pretty tiny. There’s no real entrance area so you’re straight into the lounge, which goes straight into a kitchen. Oh, and the stairs are right there in the lounge. There is a back door which is actually on the side of the building and leads to a tiny paved over area where the bins are kept. Upstairs, there is one double bedroom, a bathroom and then a bedroom which is not quite a box room. There’s a loft entrance on the landing. There is no front garden; the house is right on the street.

My mum’s house, which we will be moving in to has a front garden with flower borders and its very own drive. There is a nice long hallway upstairs and down, stairs in front of the door and space around the entrance. There are 4 rooms up and down, an outside shed with lighting and power, a back garden which is paved but has raised flower borders. There is a kitchen-diner downstairs and two reception rooms, a conservatory with downstairs toilet. Upstairs there is a bathroom and three double bedrooms. There is a loft hatch in one of the bedrooms.

Now, for the things I’m going to miss:

  • Space! We currently have so very little space. DVDs are kept under my bed. Books are in the attic. Tools and paint are in the kitchen. However much of our belongings have been left or already taken to my mum’s house, but I am going to miss having everything so close by. When Elvis wakes in the night, it takes me 5 steps to get to him. 5 steps won’t even get me out of my bedroom once we move! And what about settling to sleep, more for Robin in the New Year? Running up and down all of those stairs and through the entire house? Let me keep my tiny house!!!
  • Three bedrooms. We have a choice of room, isn’t that a good thing? No, because it also means I have to chose which one is best for me and which is best for Robin. It also means that there are more rooms to clean, more rooms to hide and store crap in which I could probably do with out and a third wash bin!
  • Not being able to escape. I mean, yeah, the odd moment of peace would be bliss right now, but I don’t even need a baby monitor to hear Elvis no matter where I am in the house (except maybe the bathroom if the tap/shower is on). Once we move, what if I can’t hear them? What if Elvis or Robin are crying all night long come January and I can’t hear them? Sure, I’ll be able to hoover any room downstairs with sleeping babes upstairs and no fear of waking them, but what if I don’t hear them?????
  • Peace and quiet! Again, brilliant to have that lack of traffic noise and midnight, drunkards once we move, but will it be too quiet? Will I hear every murmur of a newborn Robin lying a few feet away? Will it keep me awake all night long?
  • I am really looking forward to the space in my bedroom, not having to squeeze a Moses basket in and blocking a wardrobe just to keep Elvis close in those first 4 months. Robin is gonna get spoiled. But then I have the difficult choice of deciding when to move Robin into their own room. Elvis had to at 4 months because he was out growing the Moses basket and there was no room at all for the cot in our room. For Robin, do we choose to keep them in our room for the recommended 6 months? Do we do it for longer? How do we then decide if they can move in with Elvis, or into a separate room? With more rooms come more questions and more decisions, decisions that I really don’t want to me making right now!
  • Not being bored by having to share the same space with hubby/toddler means that we can all spread out and have a room each, alone time. In a few years, Elvis and Robin could each be playing in their own rooms alone, Hubby could be in one reception room on his PC, watching TV or playing on whatever console he decides to buy next, I could be in another room on my Mac, watching TV or cooking. We could all be so separated. At the moment, even if hubby is trying to get some work done on the PC, he’s in the same room as Elvis and I playing. So, when I sit there and say “look at what he’s doing?”, hubby simply turns around. We could all be in different rooms all weekend. (Although have a reception room to enjoy on an evening without a single toy in does sound amazing!)
  • Having outside space! Well, sounds good in theory, right? Except who’s going to do the gardening? Who’s going to ensure that all of the plants my mum has been tending to for over a decade survive? Even more pressure, she took the gardening over form my Dad who’s passion was gardening and he’s now scattered in said flower beds. When am I going to have time to do that? I don’t have a single green bit of skin, let alone a thumb! I have two plants that are just about still alive, I’ve had them about 2 years, but one is refusing to flower. I am rubbish at plant biology. Truly awful!
  • Storage space! Yeah, sure, it’s brilliant to find space to keep all of the essentials, but what about all the crap that then gets kept? My mum’s attic is filled with stuff. She’s not taking it with her. Why not? Because it’s mine! All mine, except a stereo, some records and a Christmas tree. I have 101 magazines up there, an old PC, all my CD cases because our CDs are in wallets (well, now on iTunes, which makes it worse!), a huge collection of Star Trek fact files that I can’t bear to throw out (anyone interested in buying?). How much more crap am I just going to shove up there?
  • Clothing space! What so I can just keep more and more clothes that will never fit me again? In a different room to truly confuse me? To give me more surfaces to clean and more work to do?
  • Not keeping my pushchair in the lounge and shoes on a bookcase! Okay, the carpets in my reception rooms will be cleaner, but there are still going to be more carpets in general to clean! And the open plan-ness of my current house means that I can happily wash up, knowing that Elvis is safe and sound just past the safety-gate in the lounge. When we move? Yeah, I can stay in the kitchen-diner and clean/cook, Elvis will be in the hallway, playing with a dirty pushchair!
  • A big thing that I’m worried about, or have concerns with, maybe rather than will miss, is our current TV set-up. We have one TV, in the lounge, with my Tivo on it. When eating in the kitchen, the TV provides background noise, but it can’t be seen. Okay, it means that none of us can watch anything that we want if the other is, but it does mean that I have access to Tivo all of the time. When we move, well there be nothing in the kitchen/diner at all (best find me a radio!) and then the Tivo gets to go in either the children’s reception room or the adults. Ignoring the fact that I am TV obsessed (seriously, it is something I cannot live without so the 24 hours between being cut off and reinstalled is going to be hell!), I need background noise but I don’t want random stuff on the TV whilst Elvis and I are playing. Plus, I like the Tivo for his shows, too. Why did I want two separate reception rooms?????

I am going to miss the compact-ness of our current home. I can hoover the entire home in less than an hour. I can dust it all in about half an hour. The new house will take longer, but, despite all of the cons of the new house, the pros still outweigh them all, even if you only take the one major pro of space for Robin. Yeah, I’m glad we’re moving!

I think that’s about it!

~ P

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