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Who’s a Big Boy Now?

on August 20, 2014

It’s almost September, do you know what that means?

That means that my son, my little baby, my toddler with only 4 teeth and barely any hair whatsoever, my boy who has only been in nursery for two months is moving up a class!

His nursery (I’m not sure if it’s a standard practice), keep their toddlers in rooms based upon their school years after their first year. So, because he will be turning 2 in the upcoming school year (huh, 2? When did that number come in to play? He’s only 15 months old!) he gets to move up into their Big baby room.

There are 2 baby rooms and 2 bigger rooms, the older two are downstairs and brings toddlers up to their pre-school year and then ready for school. That means, though, that as soon as Elvis makes this move, there are only 3 nursery rooms, three school years, before he starts school! What the Hell?

But before I delve into his first school year change, here’s how nursery’s going – well, not only does my little boy just walk right to the front door before daddy’s even ready and refusing to say goodbye to me, Elvis now walks away from daddy when they get there, refuses to be picked up over the safety gate by the workers and then just walks straight over to the toys!

I’m not sure if it’s because there are low numbers due to the holidays, or it’s him asserting his independence (he now also refuses to be carried down stairs point blank), but I’m loving the development. I’ve also just noticed that when he first sees me he has stopped crying in panic that I’m going to vanish or I’m not actually there to collect him.

Due to the school holidays having fewer numbers of children in the nursery (holidays?), the rooms are already a bit merged. Daddy drops Elvis off in the little baby room, I always pick him up from the big baby room. And apparently the other day the babies got to play in the big garden, which is normally reserved for those about to turn 3 and over! So, they have already started the move, or at least merging into different rooms. I think they do it after meals and when it’s first thing or last thing and fewer staff/children, therefore Elvis does already know the room he’s about to move into. As part of the transition though, they started him off in the bigger room the other day. Daddy delighted in telling me about the complete and utter meltdown Elvis had because he wanted to go into the normal room. I mean, this boy already knows the rooms, but he wanted his normal room. This is what I mean about how my son is set into a routine and knows what he wants, knows when he should be getting something and kinda freaks when it changes. Did I make him OCD? Or was he born with it genetically from his OCD Daddy?

It makes me worried about him moving house with us! I’ve kept telling myself that he’s already napped at Nanny’s loads, in the bedroom that will be his, but if he can’t handle a Nursery room change, will he cope with a bedroom, kitchen and playroom change?

There are new rules in the bigger baby room. Dummies and comforters are for sleep time only (fine, that’s always been my rule and will remain my rule), cots are for use of the first room and toddlers will be encouraged to sleep on the floor on cushions (Elvis often doesn’t nap at nursery at all, so I really shouldn’t freak, but this does worry me as Elvis loves his cot — OCD), no lace up shoes as children are encouraged to walk the stairs rather than be carried and laces can be dangerous (dude, why would I buy lace shoes that I have to tie up!) and there will be more routine with a song and welcome (leading up to full on registration) and more freedom into the craft room (fine, but that’s also the food room so you deal with Elvis if he wants food everytime he wanders into there!). I’m happy with all of the changes, the development that they will be encouraging. The development that’s already occurred that he doesn’t freak out when left or when he sees me, means that he’s happy to be away from us. He clearly can’t hate the nursery or the staff and he’s clearly not a clingy child. I do worry about the napping/dummy thing because I actually hate toddlers that have dummies whenever they want and that has never been the case with Elvis. He has never been allowed to wander around with his dummy and he never will be. If Elvis wants extra dummy time (ill or teething) then he goes in his cot and he has never complained about this. But I trust the nursery.

I guess it’s the start of Summer-Baby Syndrome. He’s only just turned one, but the rules are for toddlers turning 2 over the next 12 months. He has nine months left before then. He’s still a baby in some ways. He isn’t almost two. He’s just turned one. But, I’m a summer baby and SBS never affected me!

Here’s to Year 2!

~ P

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