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Moving Home: Things To Worry About

on August 27, 2014

Since I was about 4 months pregnant with Elvis, hubby and I have lived in a house that I only bought as an investment to rent out. I never really paid much attention to the pros and cons of whoever was going to live there. Wish I had when it ended up being us for almost 2 years. Earlier this year, I bought a new house for my mum so that she and I can do a house swap – she will downsize into a new house, I will upsize into her house (my childhood home) and then my current house will be sold (because sod the renting out thing again).

I wanted to compile a little list of the pros and cons of each house and immortalise why I will miss some features, and won’t miss others.

We currently live in a two up, two down and it is pretty tiny. There’s no real entrance area so you’re straight into the lounge, which goes straight into a kitchen. Oh, and the stairs are right there in the lounge. There is a back door which is actually on the side of the building and leads to a tiny paved over area where the bins are kept. Upstairs, there is one double bedroom, a bathroom and then a bedroom which is not quite a box room. There’s a loft entrance on the landing. There is no front garden; the house is right on the street.

My mum’s house, which we will be moving in to has a front garden with flower borders and its very own drive. There is a nice long hallway upstairs and down, stairs in front of the door and space around the entrance. There are 4 rooms up and down, an outside shed with lighting and power, a back garden which is paved but has raised flower borders. There is a kitchen-diner downstairs and two reception rooms, a conservatory with downstairs toilet. Upstairs there is a bathroom and three double bedrooms. There is a loft hatch in one of the bedrooms.

The main things I worry about concerning the actual move, not about the difference in homes per se (like how Elvis’ bedroom will be further away), but the actual physical move:

  • How will Elvis cope? He’ll be moving into the room he’s already napped in when staying at Nanny’s so he is used to the room, but he’s such a good sleeper that I really don’t want to muck it up.
  • What if I lose everything? I feel like I have to plan this with military precision despite the fact we’re moving 5 minutes away and there’s no deadlines involved, but I can’t risk misplacing Elvis’ toys or clothes. Or my own seeing as I have a very limited wardrobe right now. What about pots and pans, plates and cutlery? I have nowhere to store packed stuff at the moment so I have to do the bulk of it as we move. And then unpack everything. With work. And a toddler. And a growing pregnancy that leaves me out of breath and in pelvic pain quite quickly.
  • Losing time. Currently, I live 15 minutes from Nursery and 25 minutes from work. It gives me time to finish work, head home, put dinner on, grab the pushchair and collect Elvis. I’m not sure of the timings exactly when we move, but my walking speed is decreasing and pelvic pain increasing so will I have time to even get home? Or will I be forced to make Elvis walk all the way from nursery?
  • Honestly, how am I supposed to do all of this with a toddler and being pregnant? It took us months to unpack last time we moved and then I was just pregnant, and working full time. I’m going to be exhausted! And I need to start preparing everything for Robin.

Moving is the best thing for us as a family, even before Robin existed, and I pleased and excited about doing it, but it’s still going to be a tricky time.

~ P

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