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67 Weeks Old, 19 Weeks 6 Days Pregnant

on September 6, 2014

I hit 20 weeks pregnant this week! And had my 20 week scan (at 19 weeks, 6 days), and a physiotherapist appointment and my first VBAC appointment. I’d never seen it before, but have since I had Elvis, blogs were mums-to-be check out gender myths and try and figure out which apply to them. I thought I would do it this time around! I was unsure if I wanted to find out the gender. I was never sure if I wanted to learn Elvis’ gender before his 20 weeks. This time, the midwife never asked and I forgot to, so we didn’t find out. We’ll have to wait another 22 weeks (I consider, after last time, that a pregnancy is 42 weeks and not 40!).

The VBAC appointment was okay. That means Vaginal Birth After Caesarean, by the way. They didn’t have my first labour notes so could not state definitively that I could not try vaginal, but they do need to check the notes. I don’t think it should be an issue. They also explained that a C-section can have increased risks the second time around – scarring can make it harder to get in and out. I had never thought of that. The midwife did start to go on about how C-section babies have harder times breastfeeding, harder times breathing and an increased chance of being in special care. I kind of consider it almost as scare mongering. Especially when I have had a C-section. I knew the risks going into that one so what would have changed in 15 months? I appreciate being told about increased risks because of a second section, but not of having a section.

The physiotherapist was really good. She advised me on how to sleep properly. I haven’t been supporting my ankles with the body pillow. The night of the appointment, I shifted the body pillow and honestly the pain has been so much better in my pelvis. Sadly, the physiotherapist advised that I really should not be swimming breaststroke. I’ve tried swimming twice since then. Both epic failures. Before I got pregnant, I was managing 50 lengths, the last time I swam breaststroke I was on 36 lengths, this week I managed 28 and then 22. It’s depressing. And the 22 lengths was cut short because of an awful cramp in my foot that lasted over 20 minutes. I’m really quite upset about it and feel like quitting the exercise completely.

But my pelvis doesn’t hurt as much. I guess that’s the thought I need to hang on to, right? Okay, after the More, check out the gender predictions!

Gender Myths:

1. Morning Sickness:

If this occurred in Early Pregnancy, you’re expecting a girl.

Well, I had more morning sickness with Elvis, but with both so far it’s definitely been confined to early. Even with Elvis, it was never that bad though – just nausea. So I’ll say No = Boy.

2. Heart Rate:

If this is under 140pbm, you’re expecting a boy.

I could have sworn that Elvis was always over 140, but maybe I got it muddled! I haven’t had Robin’s heartbeat checked in a while. Or at least not recorded.

3. Carrying the Weight…:

If you’re carrying the weight in front, it’s a boy. On your hips and behind, it’s a girl.

With Elvis, it was mainly all bump. But a huge bump! I’m not sure so far with this one. I have quickly ballooned, but I think it is everywhere. I feel far fatter this time. My face is fat. My arms are fat. A friend is due 5 days before me and she is expecting a boy, her bump is bigger, but neat and tidy, just on the front. Mine is everywhere! I’ll say girl.

4. Carrying High or Low:

If you’re carrying high, it’s a girl. Low, it’s a boy.

I kinda just carried huge really with Elvis. I do feel like this one seems to be coming out from right under my boobs unlike last time. I’ll say High = Girl.

5. Craving…:

Craving Salty, Sour foods and Protein, it’s a boy.

Craving Sweets, Fruit and Orange Juice, it’s a girl.

I desperately craved salty foods with Elvis, not so much this time. I do have a slight addiction to Orange Juice at the moment and mainly crave carbohydrates. I had a sweet tooth with Elvis and with this one. I also love tomatoes and garlic mayonnaise dip. For the OJ and lack of protein craving, I’ll say Girl.

6. Colder feet and faster growing leg hair than before pregnancy means boy:

I never have cold feet and I could not tell you regarding the leg hair. I think it matters that it’s a different season pregnancy? My feet have been hotter the past few weeks than they were at this time with Elvis, but it’s summer. Simply answering the question – Girl.

7. Dry Hands, it’s a boy:

No idea. My dry face isn’t as bad this time, so equating hands to face = Girl.

8. Headaches, it’s a boy:

I’ve had more headaches with this pregnancy than with Elvis, so Boy. Except he was a boy!

9. Pregnancy has you looking better = Boy, looking worse = Girl:

Tough one. My skin was worse with Elvis, but I thought I looked less fat. Personally, until it becomes a pronounced bump, I think I look worse. But I felt I looked worse with Elvis, too. I just don’t like how I look pregnant. So, if I’m saying worse than non-pregnant and worse than with Elvis, Girl.

10. Wedding Ring Test:

If you swing a wedding ring over your belly, if it swings left to right it’s a boy and if it goes in a circle, it’s a girl.

I have never tried this, but if I can find a necklace in amongst my packing/unpacking, I will try it. For blogging reasons only!

11. Developed Red Highlights:

Apparently if you develop red highlights, it’s a girl.

Well, I got some greys with Elvis! No highlights at all, so Boy.

12. Moodier than Usual, it’s a girl:

I am far more emotional, but I wouldn’t say moody. I can cry at anything and I mean full on sob. If emotional is moody, then Girl.

13. Some Maths:

Age at Conception + Month Number You Conceived = Even Number = Boy

Age at Conception + Month Number You Conceived = Odd Number = Girl

Right, Elvis was conceived in August, 8th Month and I was 30 = 38 = Boy. Which is right.

Robin was conceived when I was 31 and in April, 4th Month = 35 = Girl. Unless I conceived in May, which the hospital dates say I did!

Totals: 2 questions unanswered, 7 girl, 3 boy, 13th is the maths one and could be either.

Therefore, at about half way, I say Robin is a girl. Watch this space! Oh, and to show the visual effetcs of just what 67 weeks old and 19 weeks pregnant looks like:


 Persephone x





4 responses to “67 Weeks Old, 19 Weeks 6 Days Pregnant

  1. justicemum says:

    Good luck with the vbac. I tried for one but was unsuccessful. If I have another bub I’d be going for a vba2c! Looking forward to hearing the outcome

    • Persephone says:

      We’ll wait and see! I have serious disbelief that I can go into labour so if I go passed my due date it’ll be another C. What happened with yours, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • justicemum says:

        I went into labour at 39.1 and went for 18 hours and stalled at 8-9 cm. then had to have a repeat c section. I had so many complications with my first so it was very hard to accept and go thru hoping the issues didn’t happen again. Trust your body. As long as all is healthy you can say no to a c section at first. Get someone that supports you and you will be fine.

      • Persephone says:

        I was induced at 12 days over with E and the labour just didn’t progress so I hope that if I manage to actually go into labour it might be ok! My hospital are all for VBAC so fingers crossed!

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