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No Man’s Land. Again – Clothing

on September 9, 2014

When I was pregnant with Elvis I didn’t spend that much on maternity wear. I think I lived in the same four t-shirts for the majority of my time and I bought my maternity trousers in the January sales. I’m pretty sure that I made it to half way through before hitting the maternity wear. Possibly slightly after.

Well, I haven’t made it that far this time!

In all fairness, my body is all ready bigger this time. And what’s the point in buying new larger clothes to wear for work when I could just go back into maternity wear. I’m not back into it all. Yet.

I’m back in maternity swimwear, but only because my all in one was new and I didn’t want to stretch it (apparently I’ve been showing since I took the test at 3 weeks, according to some family who were probably just calling me fat). I’m also in my new maternity leggings (thunder storms on wash day left me with no clean and dry trousers that fit), but I’m not sure if leggings can ever fully count as maternity wear.

Obviously during my first pregnancy I really didn’t think we’d have a second. Or at least not for a very long time and then I might have been okay about wearing those same 4 tops every single day. However, getting pregnant before I was even out of nursing clothes was a tad depressing so I have been on a few splurges and bought new maternity clothes.

I’m not sure if other mums do ever feel how I have done regarding clothes. I could never get the hang of nursing in normal clothes, lifting one top with another underneath. Possibly because I’m always hot and can’t cope wearing two layers even in winter. Very quickly, during my year of nursing, I got bored of having a limited number of tops so did buy quite a few. But, spending 20 weeks in a limited wardrobe followed by almost 52 in another limited wardrobe did get me down emotionally.

I guess it’s the thought of spending so much money on clothes that have a limited life span. (Technically maybe not actually as limited as normal clothes, except when you truly believe it’ll be 4 years before the next time). And the clothes are so expensive. If you can even find a good range of nursing wear anywhere!

The main perk of doing this all again is that I now have knowledge of my favourite type of nursing wear (hate layers and buttons, but slip open and to the side is perfect) and I am regularly on second hand selling sites on facebook so can buy more cheaply. In fact, I went to a new second hand market where they sell children’s toys and bought more maternity clothes.

Not that I’m actually wearing any of the maternity clothes. Yet. I won’t make it to 21 weeks this time!

~ P

7 responses to “No Man’s Land. Again – Clothing

  1. Hi. I’m in my first pregnancy and I know what you mean about not having to buy too many clothes. Maternity clothes are a lot nicer these days but they are still odd if you’re in between sizes, it does get you down and you’re right, it can be expensive! I’m almost seven months pregnant and I write a blog called ‘Bean On An Adventure’ – Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

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