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TV Watching: The 100

on September 27, 2014

Okay, I’m about 9 or ten episodes into this new show — spoiler warning! — and I’m enjoying it on the whole. Certain aspects are hugely obvious – best friend’s fate after the truth, that Desmond was not all evil, Clarke’s mum’s fate and the Grounder formally known as Calvin Valentine. But, even with certain glaringly obvious plot developments, it is still immensely enjoyable. Some of the characters don’t seem to make stupid, moral decisions for the sake of the plot – like Bellamy’s pardon.

It’s quite a fast moving plot. The initial advert here revealed there were Grounders which we at home thought was a bit spoilery, but seeing as my latest episode had a launch ship apparently crash land in a firey inferno, well, none of it was revealed too early.

I guess my take on the show so far, in one word, is contradiction. There is no way that the Ark is dead. No way that Clarke’s Momma burnt up. No way that Bellamy was going to pay for his crimes. But then it still has shocks and plot twists, for me. The Exodus ship crashing – I thought they’d make it leading to a planetary 100 vs Grounders vs Workers and an Ark Workers vs Priveledged. Whilst it appeared obvious that Raven would be Finn’s girlfriend just as he did the deed with Clarke, the non-teenage-soap handling of it has been a surprise. Not to mention that Clarke seems to be more like Bellamy (ruthless) than the compassionate peace wanting Finn, quite a turnaround.

I have two questions though: are the books any good? And will the show be renamed with the rapid killing off of the 100? Or will there be some way to top them up with people from the Ark, because the Ark is not dead. I’d bet money on it!



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