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Pregnancy Problems With The Second

on September 30, 2014

Everyone experiences pregnancy differently.  Just as everyone experiences parenting differently. Perhaps not many people understand that. Perhaps I never truly understood that until I became a parent (which might be why I find parents within my own family who are so unsympathetic highly odd – my own mother told me to suck it up when I had nausea until Kate Middleton was hospitalised with sickness!). I also wonder if any woman has a perfect pregnancy or a perfect parenting journey. Is perfect possible?

The point of this post is to describe some of the problems I’m experiencing with pregnancy number 2 maybe because of already being a parent. It’s in no way a moan that I have it bad when others could have it far worse!

I get incredibly tired. Strangely, although my son lets me sleep through the night, my bladder doesn’t and he doesn’t let me nap in the afternoon. My bosses don’t let me nap at work either!

I get really out of breath, really quickly so when Elvis is over-tired or just having a strop, it can be quite difficult for my lungs to cope with lifting him!

My pelvic pain that started about half way through with my first pregnancy, started straight away this time. This makes bending painful, getting up and down, sitting on the floor a pain, lifting Elvis hurts my pelvis. I mean, walking hurts, for crying out loud! And, although a physiotherapist appointment seems to have helped loads, it seems to have passed to my coccyx.

The pelvic/coccyx area pain then leads to another moan for me – uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable to sit properly but hurts more afterwards if I don’t. It’s uncomfortable to lie properly but hurts more the day after if I don’t. Essentially, I cannot sit and relax how I want. I cannot sleep how I want. I cannot swim how I want. I feel like a lot has been taken from me this around.

Elvis likes to climb over me. He likes to suddenly sit down, completely ignorant of my bump or slightly painful boobies.

I guess the biggest problem is that all of these things are going to get worse before January comes. And poor Elvis is of course ignorant of all of these things – he’s not even 18 months old!

Is a bigger age gap easier?

~ P


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