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25 Weeks and 3 Days Pregnant with 73 Week Old!

on October 7, 2014

I’m really struggling this week. Even though we’re in October, it’s still as hot as summer. I mean it’s dark when I get up, dark before Elvis finishes his bath, but it’s still baking hot outside. Although at least I can dry all my washing outside! Whilst a lot of my pelvic pain has gone since my physio appointment, walking is still a pain. Couple the heat and walking pain with the nursery pick up and it’s exhausting me. I finish work at 12, walk home, get puschair, walk to nursery, get Elvis, walk home possibly via some shops and it’s been over an hour of solidly walking.

I then nap all afternoon out of exhaustion and feel crap all evening.

Meanwhile, my aches and pains are making me feel so distant from my son. When he was newborn, I struggled and daddy stepped up; Elvis loved Daddy far more than me. Fast forward to 16 months old and Daddy gets him dressed, Daddy gets him ready for bed, Daddy reads him bedtime stories. All I do is cook his meals, get him from nursery, wash his clothes, clean his dishes. At the moment I still have bathtime fun with him, but I’m becoming more and more hands off. I stuggle to bend over and pick him up. I feel like I’m losing my son and I’m only going to get bigger, more achey and even less hands on.

I started this post the other day (in preparation for my 25 week check) and literally overnight (from the 4th to 5th October) it has become freezing cold, rainy and stormy. So now, I am going to have to do that hour of solid walking in the cold and rain, without a proper coat yet and with barely any sleep. Didn’t I mention? Apparently, my body is doing that thing where it prepares you for your newborn by waking you every 3 hours, just to get you ready. I don’t need to be told, I don’t need to get ready, I did it a year ago! So, please fuck off, body, and let me sleep a whole night! I have insomnia. I have random wakings. Now, I have the rain too! Only 15 weeks, right?

How about my gender predictions…

Gender Myths:

1. Morning Sickness:

If this occurred in Early Pregnancy, you’re expecting a girl.

I’ve had no other morning sickness except the slight nausea that was definitely solely in the first trimester, but, as I said before, I had worse sickness with Elvis and he was a boy. However, I think his lasted longer so this predictor is Girl.

2. Heart Rate:

If this is under 140pbm, you’re expecting a boy.

And the doctor says – their heart-rate measured at 140bpm at this appointment, so no gender!

3. Carrying the Weight…:

If you’re carrying the weight in front, it’s a boy. On your hips and behind, it’s a girl.

I am impossibly massive. I was with Elvis. As someone asked the other day “Did you carry big with him?” I’m concerned that my maternity clothes are getting tight, they lasted me another three months last time. Is it because I really am bigger? Is it because I can’t exercise as much? Is it because my body’s done it once and therefore already “ruined”? I’d say the weight is all over including my bump, but definitely more so this time on the hips and bum, so Girl. Additionally, the GP measured me at 26 weeks so only a few days out of my estimated gestation, therefore my bump isn’t too big!

4. Carrying High or Low:

If you’re carrying high, it’s a girl. Low, it’s a boy.

Uhh, don’t really know. I think it might be in the middle?

5. Craving…:

Craving Salty, Sour foods and Protein, it’s a boy.

Craving Sweets, Fruit and Orange Juice, it’s a girl.

Still craving sweeter foods (and spicy). I love garlic, grapes, orange juice. I have still gone off meat, especially when I cook it from fresh. It might be more of an aversion to raw, but it means I am not craving protein. I also really love jam on toast at the moment! So, Girl.

6. Colder feet and faster growing leg hair than before pregnancy means boy:

Maybe now with the change in the weather, I will be able to notice the feet thing, but I can’t say I’ve noticed an increase in leg hair, Girl.

7. Headaches, it’s a boy:

Only when I’m dehydrated, Girl.

8. Pregnancy has you looking better = Boy, looking worse = Girl:

I think I look worse, but my face isn’t as dry as it was last time. I just think I look really chubby. Let’s say worse, Girl.

9. Wedding Ring Test:

If you swing a wedding ring over your belly, if it swings left to right it’s a boy and if it goes in a circle, it’s a girl.

I still haven’t done this!

10. Developed Red Highlights:

Apparently if you develop red highlights, it’s a girl.

Well, I got some greys with Elvis! No highlights at all, so Boy.

11. Moodier than Usual, it’s a girl:

Still more tearful than normal, still grumpier than normal (is that the sleeping issues?) and I do feel more PMT-ey than usual, Girl.

12. Some Maths:

Age at Conception + Month Number You Conceived = Even Number = Boy

Age at Conception + Month Number You Conceived = Odd Number = Girl

Right, Elvis was conceived in August, 8th Month and I was 30 = 38 = Boy. Which is right.

Robin was conceived when I was 31 and in April, 4th Month = 35 = Girl. Unless I conceived in May, which the hospital dates say I did!

Totals (20Weeks): 2 questions unanswered, 7 girl, 3 boy, 13th is the maths one and could be either.

Total (25 Weeks): 7 girl, 1 boy, 3 not answered, 12th is Maths and could be either. So, still pointing towards a girl!

 Persephone x

4 responses to “25 Weeks and 3 Days Pregnant with 73 Week Old!

  1. I have 9 weeks to go and everything aches. I empathise. Hang on in there. Could you fund something to do with Elvis on an afternoon before dinner, like read a story or a some drawing. Maybe he’s feeling the same way about having a new sibling. Just an idea :-/

    • Persephone says:

      I really just want to get Christmas to get leave from work, then I’ll ache less! Well, no, I won’t, but I hope I will! 9 weeks! Even that seems like ages away 🙂 I do try and do stuff with him before dinner but often he sleeps too late! We still go swimming and spend all of Fridays together – I hadn’t thought of that, thank you 🙂 x

      • You’re welcome. I’ve had problems with depression myself and it’s easy to get lost in the dark cloud, harder to get out of it. Pain is an all invading force that’s hard to shake. Xx

      • Persephone says:

        This evening, we had an hour together before dinner and I kept the tv off so neither of us could be distracted and we played. Thank you 🙂 x

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