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74 Weeks Old, 28 Weeks Pregnant

on October 29, 2014

I have a photo for this pregnancy entry! (Elvis was much better behaved for these photos, and our next photo session is also going to be our Christmas ones!) Anywho, Elvis is 74 weeks old! He’s also just over 17 months old. It seems to have taken forever to get him from “a year” to “18 Months”. Not that time is dragging, far from it — there are only 7 weeks left until the Christmas holidays, which is hopefully when I finish work for another year. Haha! If I didn’t have 101 questions for my employer to answer. You’d think it would be easy having pretty much literally just returned from maternity leave; everything should be the same, right? Nope. We technically changed employer whilst I was on maternity leave for Elvis so they have decided to change all of the guidance (read: copied from another section of the UK where they have employees) so there are huge elements not even mentioned in the new guidance and new wording that throws up huge questions for me. My only real worry is that time is marching on and I have deadlines to request my maternity leave, deadlines to request annual leave. Oh, and making sure I get paid correctly and my childcare vouchers are paid promptly (I have very little faith in my pay being correct; it wasn’t last time).

On the pregnancy front, I am going through an exhausted phase. I could literally sleep all day and night. Last week, Elvis decided to take his daily 2 hour nap at nursery (I almost cried when I found out). Well, by 3pm, I gave up and put him down for a nap (he didn’t really nap) and I passed out in bed. I only got up when hubby got in. It’s the second or third time in 6 months that I’ve done it and I think it’s safer than me falling asleep on the sofa with Elvis running wild in the living room. Even now, I could just sleep. I guess that’s the benefit of Elvis still being so young (and loving his own sleep, routine and cot). My front pelvic pain has got a lot better. My lower back pain has not. I rang the physio to have a second appointment where she confirmed that my hip joint is locking with my spine as I walk (leading to me dragging my leg). She recommended to either use crutches, a hip belt that could make the pelvic pain worse, or to simply stop walking! Hubby would have killed me if I had turned up with crutches — he’s adamant he can drive me everywhere for the next 12 weeks!


Gender Myths:

1. Morning Sickness:

If this occurred in Early Pregnancy, you’re expecting a girl.

Well, I had more morning sickness with Elvis, but with both so far it’s definitely been confined to early. Even with Elvis, it was never that bad though – just nausea. So I’ll say No = Boy.

2. Heart Rate:

If this is under 140pbm, you’re expecting a boy.

My midwife recorded the HR at 146pbm, but last week someone recorded it as 139bpm… neither!

3. Carrying the Weight…:

If you’re carrying the weight in front, it’s a boy. On your hips and behind, it’s a girl.

With Elvis, it was mainly all bump. But a huge bump! I’m not sure so far with this one. I have quickly ballooned, but I think it is everywhere. I feel far fatter this time. My face is fat. My arms are fat. A friend is due 5 days before me and she is expecting a boy, her bump is bigger, but neat and tidy, just on the front. Mine is everywhere! I’ll say girl.

4. Carrying High or Low:

If you’re carrying high, it’s a girl. Low, it’s a boy.

I kinda just carried huge really with Elvis. I do feel like this one seems to be coming out from right under my boobs unlike last time, but is all of that simply because this baby is longitudinal? Elvis was always head down. I’ll say High = Girl.

5. Craving…:

Craving Salty, Sour foods and Protein, it’s a boy.

Craving Sweets, Fruit and Orange Juice, it’s a girl.

I desperately craved salty foods with Elvis, not so much this time. I do have a slight addiction to Orange Juice at the moment and mainly crave carbohydrates. I had a sweet tooth with Elvis and with this one. I also love tomatoes and garlic mayonnaise dip. For the OJ and lack of protein craving, I’ll say Girl.

6. Colder feet and faster growing leg hair than before pregnancy means boy:

As we have actually gotten into cooler weather, I have noticed slower growing leg hair! – Girl.

7. Dry Hands, it’s a boy:

No idea. My dry face isn’t as bad this time, so equating hands to face = Girl.

8. Headaches, it’s a boy:

I’ve had more headaches with this pregnancy than with Elvis, so Boy. Except he was a boy!

9. Pregnancy has you looking better = Boy, looking worse = Girl:

Tough one. My skin was worse with Elvis, but I thought I looked less fat. Personally, until it becomes a pronounced bump, I think I look worse. But I felt I looked worse with Elvis, too. I just don’t like how I look pregnant. So, if I’m saying worse than non-pregnant and worse than with Elvis, Girl.

10. Wedding Ring Test:

If you swing a wedding ring over your belly, if it swings left to right it’s a boy and if it goes in a circle, it’s a girl.

I have finally done this one! Oh, mine swung backwards and forwards! Not circles or left to right. Ummm, both/neither!

11. Developed Red Highlights:

Apparently if you develop red highlights, it’s a girl.

Well, I got some greys with Elvis! No highlights at all, so Boy.

12. Moodier than Usual, it’s a girl:

I am far more emotional, but I wouldn’t say moody. I can cry at anything and I mean full on sob. If emotional is moody, then Girl.

13. Some Maths:

Age at Conception + Month Number You Conceived = Even Number = Boy

Age at Conception + Month Number You Conceived = Odd Number = Girl

Right, Elvis was conceived in August, 8th Month and I was 30 = 38 = Boy. Which is right.

Robin was conceived when I was 31 and in April, 4th Month = 35 = Girl. Unless I conceived in May, which the hospital dates say I did!

Totals: 3 are either gender, 7 girl and 3 boy.

Of course, the weight/carrying questions are all linked to the fact that this is a second pregnancy and has no relevance on gender scientifically at all!

I'd love to say that Elvis is grinning at my belly, he loves Mickey Mouse!

I’d love to say that Elvis is grinning at my belly, he loves Mickey Mouse!

Persephone x

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