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on November 20, 2014

Is there some sort of rule when you’re pregnant? An unwritten one perhaps? One that says that everyone must name their unborn baby something? Some people choose something like Bean because it’s what their growing baby resembled on a scan. As someone who had a 7 week scan, I can attest that those 12 week babies look nothing like beans!

I completely understand that my actual naming of my bump is odd, but I do it because, personally I hate the term Bump. Am I the only one who gives the foetus an actual name? Elvis and Robin are not the true names of my toddler and foetus. Am I the odd one or are the people who call it Bump, Bean, etc?

Personally, I could see elements of personality shining from each foetus whilst still in my tum. Elvis was quite slow and never really hyper or kicky. But, when he wanted to move, kick or punch, Bloody Hell, it looked like he was coming out of my belly button! Elvis loved to tickle my groin from the inside — he was always head down. Well, he now loves to tickle my bellybutton from the outside. He also loves to climb over people, elbowing in a manner not too dissimilar as before he was born.

Then there was his laziness at birth. His reluctance to be born. His laid back reaction to suddenly being in the world. He’s still a laid back, happy to be alone sort. I in no way think that his personality fully developed in my womb, but I do think there was enough of one there that he warranted a name.

Robin is more active than Elvis was. There was no slow build up to moving, no gentle tickles, flips or hiccups to prove they were alive. Nope, Robin gave me a violent kick. Robin was shy on the scans,  arms covering their face throughout. Robin also is very reluctant to let Daddy feel a kick. Even now, Robin is stubborn as to where they’re lying – nowhere near as ready as Elvis always was. Robin feels slightly more transverse. If I’d hazard a guess, Robin is head down, but his/her feet are to one side so I get punched low down left, kicked high up right. How, when I can see and feel things like that, can I call them Bump? Or the same name? Maybe I take it to an extreme with actual names, and Bean, Peanut, etc are better, but it still won’t change my view on Bump. The bump is, for a part of the pregnancy actually all of my internal organs squished up, not the baby. How is that a nice thing to call the 4th member of my family?

But then I have a friend who already calls her unborn child by the name they will give her, which is okay in theory (what if they see her and change their mind?) until they made a facebook status about being home with partner and Baby Name. Que double takes of me wondering how I missed the birth announcement! I also have a friend who was convinced I was really going to call my baby Elvis, to the point that she missed the actual birth announcment with the actual name on it and I got a congratulations card addressed to Elvis! And, as I literally only just found out, my hubby feels less bonded with this bubba because we don’t know the gender and haven’t already decided on a name. I actually feel really bad for taking that away from him!

Are bump nicknames better? Are they confusing? Should everyone call their unborn baby the same, uniform thing? Should parents refrain from personalising their baby before birth? Is it a protective thing?

~ P

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