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Will the Real Robin Please Stand Up?

on November 29, 2014

Naming my first born was easy. Before hubby and I even married we had randomly decided on a boys name. It begins with E as does my real name, my mum’s and her mum’s. We all have the same middle initial, too. For security reasons, online he became known as Elvis (which is also what I called my bump as I hate it being called bump, hello, originality!). We never planned a girl’s name so it was probably fate that IUI has a slightly higher chance of boys.

Well, Robin is a whole different ball game. Again, I hate the term bump. Those cards signed X, Y and bump. Nope, it just isn’t for me. So, Robin was chosen as the sidekick for Elvis, Batman has one afterall. But Batman also has Batgirl, so Robin could be a girl or a boy.

And we don’t have a name for either.

Hence why I found the baby name book that I bought years ago for planning character names.

Here are our options:

Althea – means wholesome in Greek
Asha – Sanskrit for hope, desire, aspiration. Also a character in Game of Thrones.
Caitlyn or Caitlin – not sure which spelling I prefer. Ooh, or maybe Catlyn. It’s an Irish form of Katharine. I’ve loved this name since I was little!
Callie – I like the name Calliope (beautiful face) but really don’t think hubby will let me have it! Calliope was the Muse of epic poetry. I love my Ancient Greek Myths, but love my muses even more!
Chloe – Greek meaning a green shoot.
Dana – could be taken from the Scandinavian female form of Daniel, or the pagan fertility goddess. Daniel is a family name, but too commonly used on the male side, perhaps the feminine? I also like the fertility goddess aspect.
Dylan – this was the name of a legendary Welsh hero and possibly means son of the wave. I have ties to Wales and it would be nice to honour that side of my family.
Emily – another E that I have always loved, but hubby doesn’t really like. It’s from Latin and was the name of a Roman family. There was one Emily in my family in 1889.
Evelyn – another E! An evolution from Aveline which is Norman for wished for child. I never thought much of this name until I saw the meaning and think it’s fitting.
Jennifer – Cornish version of Guenevere which means white ghost. I also like Jenna, a variation.
Jeremy – Hebrew meaning may Jehovah exalt. Nickname of Jerry. Jerry/Gerry is a family name on my hubby’s side and it might be nice to honour his family.
Joshua – Hebrew meaning may the Lord heal.
Leah/Lea – meaning cow in Hebrew or possibly meadow!
Lucas – Latin form of Luke, meaning a man of Lucania, in Southern Italy.
Mia – a Scandinavian form of Mary (which means dew of the sea). Mary is a family name on my side of the family, but everyone alters it slightly each generation. This could be the next alteration.
Nathan – Hebrew meaning gift.
Penelope – Odysseus’ wife in Greek legend.
Zoe – Greek for life.

These are only actually my choices, other than a few of the boys names which hubby has approved (Nathan, Dylan and Lucas). Maybe that’s predicting the gender again, we’ve already agreed on boys names, but not any girls!

Now for any family names I can find in my family tree:

Daisy – on my maternal side, born in 1903.
Thomas – there have been 4 across my maternal side
Martha – 3 of these, one dating back to 1798.
Harry – I’ll say there were 3 of these on my paternal side, 1900 was the earliest.
Charles – I’d use Charlie, but Charles is probably the oldest member of my family that I have a photo of. He was born in the 1870s.
William – Used as a surname, introduced on my tree in 1798. A William is also the furthest ancestor I can find on my paternal side.
Mitchell – a surname on my paternal side, but it has already been used as a first name on that side.
Eleanor – appears once on my family tree, maternal side and born in 1888. Leah/Lea could be the nickname or in honour of.

Hopefully, Hubby and I can agree on some! We’ve decided to narrow down to 5 of each gender (which I managed from the above lists), but he’s still refusing to tell me any of his! Did you have trouble picking names? Or did you just know whilst pregnant or the moment you saw them and held them in your arms? how do you go about naming a second child when you have cousins, other mummy-friends or friends of the firstborn around you? I quite like the name Oliver, but we have a cousin called Oliver and one of Elvis’ baby friends is called Oliver (both use Olly). Mia, Dylan, Harry are all babies we know. Does it matter?

~ P x

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