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Craft Corner: Buttons!

on December 5, 2014

For Elvis’ first birthday, I saw two amazing pins that I decided to adapt. One was a collection of 3 images, in each one the birthday child is holding a stencil of the letters O, N and E. The other pin was a button letter, probably from an Etsy listing. Well, I decided that I wanted to combine the 2 pins at a minimal cost.

Then, after finding that a success, I decided I would make a set in advance for Elvis’ second birthday. Oh, and I decided to try and make a button Christmas tree and maybe some button Christmas cards (again, from a pin). I’m not sure if I got the button Christmas tree idea from pinterest.

All I needed for all of these tasks were:

  • Buttons – blue, yellow, green and red
  • Canvases – at least 3 the same size for O, N and E and a more oblong shape for the tree
  • Some blank cards
  • Plain, white or colourless thread with a needle (or superglue)
  • Coloured thread for the cards

For the blue and yellow buttons I bought a huge bulk load from Amazon as they are my hubby’s football colours (and by default Elvis’), but for the green and red, I got small tubs from The Range. They are more expensive, but I don’t need as many at all.

I got my bulk load of canvases from Wilkinsons in packs of 4 (hopefully enough to get to age twelve!) and opted for perfectly square for these. I then borrowed one for the Christmas Tree. You have to remember that they have a wooden border which makes threading impossible/difficult so your letter can’t fill the whole canvas. If you’re superglueing though, you don’t have that issue.

I already had the cards, threads and needle.

For the letters, I measured my space on a piece of paper (free of the wooden border) and then sketched my letter in pencil. It doesn’t have to be perfect by any means because the buttons will form different edges to what you draw anyway! In a marker pen, I went over the letter and then I could see it through the canvas. Holding the letter in position, I made a few marks on the canvas in pencil that showed me the outline of the letter and then began to sew on blue and yellow buttons, trying to keep them as random as possible — size and colour wise! All of the marks I made got covered in buttons so they can’t be seen.

I’m going to keep all of my letter stencils in case I need them again (I’ll have to sew another E before he turns 3!) Although you wouldn’t need the stencils if you’re gluing, but you would want to sketch on the canvas and then cover all marks with buttons!

I sketched a tree on paper to do the same for the button tree, but during the sewing I realised that the tree was really not working. Being impatient, I simply went through the box of green buttons and got out all of the ones the same size (there were two shades in this new mix) and began sewing a simpler tree, with a yellow button as the star. Now, this one went wonky due to using a few buttons that were slightly bigger — Note: Only use the exact same size! And now I need some brown buttons to make the stump, so it might not actually get finished this Christmas. The cards are far more free hand and a collection from ones I’ve seen on pinterest and others that I may have dreamed up myself (or seen on pinterest and then forgotten about!). I like the 3 white buttons for a snowman, 4 green buttons for peas and the far simpler red baubles. I’ll post more on the cards on another Craft post.

Check out the images:



And I used the O, N and E I made (W is for next year!) to then make this:


Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

~ P x

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