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TV Watching: The 100 Season 2

on April 24, 2015

Part way through season 2 I began reading the book and quickly, obviously saw the differences and similarities. The key thing I took was a potential Clarke/Bellamy pairing; I hadn’t seen it during season one. So there I am watching season 2 and I think okay, I can see a Clarke/Bellamy thing a bit. I say a bit but because I love me some Clarke/Finn pairing.

Season 2 was similar to season 1 – fast paced, plot twists that change the whole damn thing, not being overly soapy given the high percentage of teenagers and having character evolutions that seem natural as it happens but looked back on seem a bit far fetched.

Fast paced – the two seasons have covered, how long? A few weeks? Maybe a month. And how much has happened?

Plot twists – there was no way the Ark was going to come down, there was no way the Grounders would work with the Sky People. Each episode brings another huge game changer that often I don’t see coming. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the twists are obvious – there was clearly no baby left on the Ark with Jaha – others completely blindsided me – WTF, Finn! (I had to pause, rewind, cry and consider not watching it ever, ever again!)

As for the character evolutions, well, given the small time frame can someone explain Clarke and Octavia? How about anyone’s hand to hand combat skills? Or how many Grounders speak English? Or how quickly Sky People pick up Ground-ease? Why is there a Grounder language and English? How has Octavia, essentially locked up all her life, learnt to fight, hunt, track so quickly? How come Finn can trackso well? When did Clarke learn to ride a horse?

I guess the thing I truly like and admire about this show is they aren’t afraid to change things up. They aren’t afraid to literally change a whole section of the show – there is no Ark anymore, the children are not alone. They can give certain characters multiple second chances – Jaha on the Ark, Murphy on the ground – but give others no chance – Wells and Finn.

I may never forgive them for Finn, however I will keep watching! And was it just me who spent most of the tail end of the season kinda thinking there are more than just the kids now, the 100 remnants, perhaps donation could be the solution? But it wasn’t until the season finale that it gets mentioned.

Can’t say the Land of Light part interested me or the apearance of the uber amazing Erica Cerra, but I’ll see how it plays out next year. I feel like Clarke’s plot is done. I’m puzzled at how I seem to now find Bellamy attractive and I miss Finn. He and Clarke could have wallowed in their murderous genocidal acts together.

~ P

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