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TV Watching: How I Met Your Mother

on May 3, 2015

This is an incredibly late blog and, as such, I don’t think I need to put any kind of spoiler warning! The final season of HIMYM really disappointed me. The whole season. Each episode had me wishing for more. In fact the only one I remember enjoying was where we discovered Lily was pregnant – the only surprise in the entire season.

I guess Barney and Robin divorcing was kind of a surprise, but more disappointing given the circumstances, I mean had they actually even said their vows in the longest ever wedding?

Let me state two things – I do not ship any pairing in this show (I love Lily/Marshall and have a soft spot for Victoria with Ted) so I do not care who Robin ends up with. Secondly, I also don’t care that Ted ended up with Robin after everything.

What I do care about is that for 8 years I wanted to find out about the mother. I care about their relationship. And why shouldn’t I after an 8 year journey? But we didn’t get that, not in enough detail. Whole episodes didn’t even have the Mother in them. And I find that the truly unsatisfying part. Months after watching the final season I happened upon the first ever episode on TV (I rarely watch live TV) and I loved it.

I do like how they introduce Robin, everyone in fact, but also how Ted makes it clear that she is Aunt Robin. The kids at the end of the very first episode even point out they thought it was a story about how he met their mother not their Aunt Robin. I guess someone would then point out that the kids don’t need to know anything about after he met their mum because, you know, they lived it and we have seen points of Ted’s life post meeting their mom sans mom.

And that’s what gets me. She’s the point of the whole series. No matter how amazing Barney/Lily are, no matter how legen-wait for it-dary Barney is, no matter which side of the Barney-Robin-Ted-Victoria ship you’re on, the Mother is in the freaking show title and she got royally screwed over.

I saw the second to last ever Friends episode last week and it’s monumentally better. HIMYM has nothing to it regarding final episodes and the entire final season will remain a bitter thing. Even after all of these months.

~ P

6 responses to “TV Watching: How I Met Your Mother

  1. I agree. But I still love the show. Even if the last season was anti climatic.

  2. ca11613 says:

    I totally agree. As much as I love Robin, I don’t love Robin for Ted. I think Ted deserved better. He deserved the Mother. The first time I watched the series from start to finish I was angry. I watched it again once the shock and disappointment wore off, and while I’m less upset now than I was originally, I’m still pretty peeved. At least the character of the Mother was worth the wait. I just wish she had been around more because I liked her so much.

    • Persephone says:

      I agree. I wanted to see more about the Mother wasn’t that the point of the show? Wasn’t that the love story of all those years? For Ted to be telling the story to his kids to then go running to Robin, which is technically fine, felt off, to me as a viewer. It belittled him and his relationship with the mum. I felt like it was him saying “deep down it was always Robin, but she didn’t want kids. Your mum was the next best thing.” If we’d seen more of the Mother perhaps I wouldn’t see her as second best. Because I don’t want to see her as second best 😢 I’d still rewatch for Lily/Marshall any day!

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