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Operation: Declutter!

on January 17, 2016

Oh, My God! I am such a hoarder. It’s unreal. I keep EVERYTHING!

I moved into my mum’s house over 18 months ago (weird house swap), and, well, I’d never truly left. My loft is full. Full of old magazines (that need to be recycled). Full of old computers that need to be chucked. Full of action figures that I think I might need to sell. And goodness knows what else. My back room (what would make a lovely adults only, evening, room, is filled with old baby toys/furniture and a huge box of preloved toys that I’ve bought and have yet to give to Elvis. There is a kitchen cupboard full of dishes that I don’t think we use. A shelf full of glassware that we don’t use (not to mention a box of unopened glassware from the house move!). Then there’s the two craft areas in the house (aka huge pile of crafty stuff that does sometimes get used but looks a mess).

Robin’s bedroom is my old bedroom and has a lovely feature over the double bed (a bed that cost a fortune but takes up all the space in a child’s bedroom) that is filled with mine and my husband’s belongings that we never moved out of the house 4 years ago!

I have two bookcases filled with DVDs that I am never going to watch. I have bookshelves filled with books that I want to read, have read and love, have read and hate. I have boxes in the loft of all my Star Trek, Buffy, Angel, Stargate, etc books that I, honestly, am never going to read. None of them are complete collections so aren’t worth anything.

So, I decided that along with purely wanting to make my house look tidier, nicer, and more fitting with my Operation Yummy Mummy, that things are going. It will be a slow job, but it will be done – please note that the loft may take YEARS because, let’s face it, it’s out of sight and not making my house look messy.

I’ve listed a load of toiletries that I got brand new for Christmas on Ebay. I delivered two huge bags of unused clothes of at our local British Heart Foundation (one bag was all mine, too!). We have started a huge box load of DVDs, games and consoles for Music Magpie and I am in the lengthy process of planning to sell on baby clothes, furniture and toys at a Little Pickles Market.

Phew, I’m doing well!

Meanwhile, doing some of my usual tidying and I finally found my address book. Behind the sofa. Now I can send out those Christmas cards!

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