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TV Watching: Hercules The Legendary Journeys

on January 21, 2016

I’m currently watching the season 3 finale of Hercules and I thought it would be a funny one to talk about and reintroduce my tv blogging to here. I’ve done my usual amount of TV watching during my blogging break, but since my PND therapy, I am trying to focus on it more. Or at least categorise what I watch and focus on the shows I want to watch.

Hercules falls into the background TV category. Mainly because I can’t take it seriously and pay full attention. It isn’t even about the laughable fighting. It’s the casting. I just do not understand it. I’ve never watched a show where actress re-use is so obvious. Or actress swapping. In the same season. This has nothing to do with me watching all 3 seasons in a row because there’s a huge casting confusion in season 3.

Hercules meets the Golden Hind. Marries her. She dies. She was played by the future Mrs Sorbo. Oh, and she’d played a Queen/Princess earlier in the season. Both characters fell in love with Herc. So, Golden Hind dies and a few episodes later, thanks to Autolycus, he and Herc travel back to when all the Hinds were killed bar the Golden. And she’s played by a different actress. I thought it was because she was younger. But then Herc changes the past, returns to the future and meets the Hind. Who’s still played by the new girl and not future Mrs Sorbo.

I just can’t take the show seriously. At all. But it’s fun to have on in the background! And to hear Claudia Black sound different to any other role I’ve ever seen her in!

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