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Fuck off, Yummy Mummy

on January 23, 2016

Okay, I’m having a bad day. Reeeaaallllyyyy bad day.

Hubby’s at the football. Been there since… I haven’t seen him yet today. The kids haven’t and won’t. That’s kinda fine. I took them both to Robin’s cake smash and no Hell broke loose. In fact, Elvis came completely out of his shell and it was the best shoot with either and both of them! Came home, all fine. Robin napped, I prepped lunch and dinner. All fine.

They both had an afternoon nap. he woke up like he’d never been up there. Refused to eat dinner. Even with tempts of the chocolate cake I salvaged from the cake smash photo shoot. So I took him straight back up to bed – he was complaining that he wasn’t hungry because he was tired. I then tried to amuse Robin for an hour upstairs.

He’s now talking to himself over 2 hours after he went to bed. Because he wasn’t tired because he’s napped, he just wanted to get out of eating pasta! For fuck’s sake!

She has woken twice crying because she can’t find her dummy. Stop sitting on your fucking dummy.

I haven’t even reached half way through my step goal of the day and apparently have eaten too much. Fucking chocolate cake and eating it to try and get Elvis to eat his fucking dinner.

I could really do with a glass of wine or cider. BUT THAT’S MORE FUCKING CALORIES.

And, I just know that I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow and have fuck all to show for a week of being seriously good with the calorie intake.

Oh, and I’m coming down with a cold. Can’t take decongestants because I’m fucking still breastfeeding. And we’re supposed to be doing lots of fun family things for the next two days to celebrate Robin’s first birthday and I just want to hide and sleep.

But, apparently I sold some of my unwanted Christmas presents on ebay. Yay?

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