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Robin Upset Me

on February 4, 2016

My son is 32 months old and is just beginning to understand his emotions. I blame nursery. Haha. He now often uses being tired as an excuse for not doing things, but he is going through something at the moment. Like I said, he’s 32 months old. He’s just dropped his afternoon nap and he’s really exploded in his abilities. He’s more outgoing. He has a memory. He referred to someone as his friend. We keep talking to him about how things are about to change with Robin starting nursery and that our swimming lessons might be changing. I think he might be going through more upheaval than he did twelve months ago when he suddenly received a newborn baby sister!

Robin has started walking (yay!) and the day that she was doing lots of walking with her pram walker (which she now ignores just days later as she can toddle as far and fast alone), Elvis went and hid between two toy shelving units. I asked him why. “Because I’m sad.”

“Why are you sad?”

“Robin upset me.”

And my heart broke.

Robin had done nothing to him. She was just walking backwards and forwards across the room. Pretty fast. I was clapping and cheering her. I have no idea if he felt left out. Or like she was invading his space. Did he think that she was getting all of the attention? I do clap and cheer him, too. I just don’t know.

All that I do know is that a few days later, he climbed in to my bed in the morning and started telling me something about how Robin was getting his bed now. She isn’t. And when she’s too big for her cot, she can have his cotbed because he can have a brand new, pick it himself bed. He can have a cabin bed, a bunk bed, a any type of bed that he likes bed. But why does he think he’s passing everything to her?

Is that how he sees the world at the moment? That she’s going to take everything from him?

Saying all of that though, the same day he needed to have the afternoon nap that he hasn’t had in over a week, so there’s clearly something going on. I really don’t want him to be upset by her, because my primary thought to that is “It’s my fault I gave him a sister.” Maybe if he showed joy/love towards her, it might make me feel better, but he tends to ignore her, get annoyed by her or, apparently, get upset by her. He’ll like her one day, right?


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