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Happy Mother’s Day


Elvis brought home 2 sunflowers and a Stickman Family Tree from nursery. Aww, I feel so loved! Now to not let these sunflowers get eaten by slugs. Unlike last year… #badmum

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Craft Corner: All That Artwork

In my few weeks of maternity and annual leave waiting for Robin to arrive (currently on 40+6, one week into maternity after 2 solid weeks of holiday), I tried desperately to fill my mornings whilst Elvis was at nursery. Surprisingly, it was quite easy! As we moved house in the August of 2014, come January 2015, there was still some unpacking to do! But I used my “free” time to completely sort out the Junk Room (it’s now a spare reception room with our computers in) and the back door is no longer blocked so the garden can actually be accessed!

And then I ran out of tidying/unpacking/sorting to do. So, I cleared out my dropbox folders and my phone, maximising space for taking new pictures. Then I caught up on making some scheduled posts on to here (currently up to two months ahead!). Then I emptied out the VTech video camera Elvis found at my mum’s, backing them all up and creating space for more of his photos of blurry toys. Then I scanned in all of the artwork he had brought home from nursery up until Christmas. Then, finally, I made Thank You cards!

Elvis isn’t actually that arty a child. Neither I nor Daddy are in all fairness. Apparently at nursery, where he has free reign in to the craft room, he only ever goes in there when forced! Haha! So we don’t actually get that much art work coming home, but I still don’t know what to do with it! Then there’s the fact that it is a struggle to get him to do art at home. I gave him two thank you notes to decorate. He barely scribbled on one. I gave him two Christmas cards to “sign”, he barely scribbled on one. And then he remembers he’s done them and refuses to go back to them! My stubborn little boy!

Therefore I knew, the 6 cards I wanted him to make would take weeks and would never look good enough. However, the artwork that has been adorning our walls since June means something to me (probably from looking at it all day long!) and felt far more special to make thank you cards with. After scanning them, I resized a few on the computer and then printed them off before sticking them to some blank cards. I’ve seen some amazing things on pinterest about all that art work including printing them all on a small scale and framing them, cutting out shapes from each piece and making a new piece of themed artwork, or simply scanning them all and then making a huge photo book. I can’t bring myself to cut them up. Yet. He’s only done one term at nursery, we only had 15 pieces of art come home. I just can’t destroy them. Not yet. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. If I could have brought myself to cut them up, I would have used the originals to stick on the front of the Thank You cards, but I printed copies instead!

In the future, I do plan on adding scanned images to the photobooks I plan on creating. I can also see myself using the artwork not only on Thank You cards, but also in the Smash book that I will start on! But if you ever needed something to do with the art your toddler/child brings home and they are reluctant to create their own cards, Thank You cards are an option:


~ P

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Craft Corner: Card Saving

This blog was started probably about a year ago, but got lost in the craziness of babies growing up, however, with the house move and a proper little craft area just for me, I’m able to do crafty things myself on a table without worrying about when Elvis is going to wake up. I don’t have to mind where I leave the craft knife, toxic glue or tiny pieces of card that would make perfect choking hazards! So, the original idea was fromĀ From 2 to 3 Kids about saving New Baby Cards. Which I read and did, as said, over a year ago. I never got around to taking pictures or documenting what I did, however now I have his first birthday cards to put through the same treatment! I think it’s a really nice thing to do for those cards that you do receive – although for Elvis’ first birthday I had requested no birthday cards as I made a guest pinboard instead. He still received cards.



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Post Christmas Crafts – Christmas Eve Boxes

I first heard about Christmas Eve boxes through, yep, of course, pinterest and I know that some people do it with pre bought boxes and there are variations on the contents. I even know a local company that sells fully made up Christmas Eve boxes. Well, I decided that I’m poor this Christmas and so needed to make 4 boxes (4th is for Nanny) and I decided that not everyone’s will be exactly the same – I hope that in the years to come, the adults each go and buy certain things so it isn’t all me! Haha!

Here’s what I needed/used to make the boxes:

  • 4 shoeboxes
  • Red paint
  • Foam Letters – to name each box
  • Christmassy tissue paper – for the inside

Somehow, incredibly surprisingly, I managed to find 4 empty shoeboxes scattered through my house in the run up to Christmas. I assume some are from the house move and some were just from hubby’s trainer addiction. Two of the boxes were red in colour to start with — even better! The other two were very dark boxes so needed a lot of red paint!

My hope is also to get the kiddies to help out decorating them, adding a few things each year. I also might get them to decorate the interiors as I doubt the tissue paper will last too many years!

As for the contents this year (I’m hesitant on how much Elvis will actually understand), I’ve opted for –

  • New pyjamas for all 4 of us to wear on Christmas morning for present opening
  • Christmas socks to wear on Christmas Day
  • Popcorn for the adults to eat on Christmas Eve night and I’ll find something snacky for Elvis
  • Santa key for Elvis. I’m not sure if he’ll understand that or reindeer food
  • A DVD for Daddy (we have Ice Age 1, 2 and 4) but none for Nanny, Elvis or me
  • Hot chocolate gifts, Elvis not included

What do you put in yours?

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Craft Corner: Wardrobe Dividers


I got this idea from soooo many different pins on pinterest but decided on my own tools to make my own. I’d seen these clothes dividers way before I got pregnant with Robin and often thought that, although they look lovely, what would the point be?

I mean there are so many clothes in each range and so much washing to do, do people really hang up all of their baby clothes or use a drawer (I found drawers far more use and far less time consuming than hanging everything up). And then don’t the clothes for just one age range take up an entire wardrobe?

I guess if you’re given loads before you have Bubba, you might have need for it, but we simply didn’t have the space with Elvis. By the time he stared wearing proper outfits during the day, we ended up never putting him in half of them because we didn’t have them hung up! I’m quite pleased we have wardrobes for Robin!

Anyway, wardrobe dividers suddenly became useful because I suddenly have a need to hang up little clothes that I won’t continue to, but needed to sort. I’d sorted and separated all of Elvis’ clothes ages ago by age and gender (boys separated from gender neutral) for selling/passing on to family members, but then I got pregnant with Robin.

And I wanted to hang up all of the neutral clothes from newborn to at least 6 months so I knew what I had. I also hung up the newborn boys as we still don’t know the gender of Robin.

From pinterest I found lots of ways to make these dividers, but I thought they were all quite complicated. I simply found 2 circular objects of different sizes. Both have to be bigger than the clothes hanging pole, but not too big to not fit with the top of the wardrobe. Some pins recommended a CD type size and I found a large coffee cup that fit the bill. A small spice jar was ideal for the inner circle.

Using some thin cardboard (cereal packets) I drew around the coffee cup as many times as I needed, then the spice bottle inside the larger circle. Using scissors I drew around the larger circle and then into the lower circle and cut around the smaller. You need to cut through the large circle for it to hook on the wardrobe pole.

Using a plain, simple glue stick (I’m not looking at super longevity for these) I stuck the ring onto the patterned paper – I chose some Leeds United wrapping paper as Hubby would like it. And then cut around it all with a craft knife, including the inner circle. Then I repeated it for the other side. Cutting through into the inner circle each time, too.

Using some random cardboard sticky numbers I found, I labelled up the dividers. NB for newborn and then 3, 6, 9 etc. I didn’t have enough to label 0-3, 3-6 so just did the end of each size. Then I hung up all the baby clothes!

A very nice simple craft to make (because I’m really not that crafty, I just like to try!)

~ P


Craft Corner: First Birthday Card

I don’t really like birthday cards. I feel like they’re a waste of money and normally just get thrown in the bin, so for Elvis’ first birthday I decided to make, I guess a signing book instead. We did still receive some birthday cards (people who couldn’t make his party), but I tried to even send on the “guest” pages to family to send back! All I needed for this was:

  • a pinboard
  • sparkly/holographic card
  • scissors
  • wool
  • pins
  • blue paint and blue glitter paint
  • a star shape
  • pens

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Welcome to the New Year

For the past few months, I have been trying to not overload this poor little blog with posts every single day, or 3 days in a row with a few weeks off, so that there could be more continuity about the site, hopefully this hasn’t been too noticeable. I’ve also tried to keep posts to every 3 days, but medical appointments and other random “I must blog now” topics might change that at times.

However, as of January 1st I will be about 38 weeks pregnant and the scheduled posts are going to change. Similar to my original blog which has a poetry post a week, this blog is going to have a few months (maybe planning for 8-12 weeks) with 2 planned posts a week. These posts are likely ones that I have already written in December or even earlier! I’m trying to keep some crafty posts, maybe a lot of my Christmas crafts and maybe some parenting ones. This is simply so that, if I go quiet (the opposite to when Elvis was born), the blog still continues.

If things are similar to when Elvis was born, along with those 2 planned blogs will also be random, middle of the night, woe-is-me, how can I parent two children at the same time, posts. I cannot predict that right now.

So, if you as a reader comment on a blog and I don’t respond for a while, it could be that I’m having a baby or am far too tired with a new baby to be present on here even though posts continue to be made. I am not ignoring you. I am not purposefully misleading you. I might be more active than normal!

Hopefully, normal blogging will resume at some point soon, but in this lovely New Year for definite.

Happy New Year and Happy New Baby Days,

~ P x


Craft Corner: Buttons!

For Elvis’ first birthday, I saw two amazing pins that I decided to adapt. One was a collection of 3 images, in each one the birthday child is holding a stencil of the letters O, N and E. The other pin was a button letter, probably from an Etsy listing. Well, I decided that I wanted to combine the 2 pins at a minimal cost.

Then, after finding that a success, I decided I would make a set in advance for Elvis’ second birthday. Oh, and I decided to try and make a button Christmas tree and maybe some button Christmas cards (again, from a pin). I’m not sure if I got the button Christmas tree idea from pinterest.

All I needed for all of these tasks were:

  • Buttons – blue, yellow, green and red
  • Canvases – at least 3 the same size for O, N and E and a more oblong shape for the tree
  • Some blank cards
  • Plain, white or colourless thread with a needle (or superglue)
  • Coloured thread for the cards

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