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Happy Mother’s Day


Elvis brought home 2 sunflowers and a Stickman Family Tree from nursery. Aww, I feel so loved! Now to not let these sunflowers get eaten by slugs. Unlike last year… #badmum

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Craft Corner: All That Artwork

In my few weeks of maternity and annual leave waiting for Robin to arrive (currently on 40+6, one week into maternity after 2 solid weeks of holiday), I tried desperately to fill my mornings whilst Elvis was at nursery. Surprisingly, it was quite easy! As we moved house in the August of 2014, come January 2015, there was still some unpacking to do! But I used my “free” time to completely sort out the Junk Room (it’s now a spare reception room with our computers in) and the back door is no longer blocked so the garden can actually be accessed!

And then I ran out of tidying/unpacking/sorting to do. So, I cleared out my dropbox folders and my phone, maximising space for taking new pictures. Then I caught up on making some scheduled posts on to here (currently up to two months ahead!). Then I emptied out the VTech video camera Elvis found at my mum’s, backing them all up and creating space for more of his photos of blurry toys. Then I scanned in all of the artwork he had brought home from nursery up until Christmas. Then, finally, I made Thank You cards!

Elvis isn’t actually that arty a child. Neither I nor Daddy are in all fairness. Apparently at nursery, where he has free reign in to the craft room, he only ever goes in there when forced! Haha! So we don’t actually get that much art work coming home, but I still don’t know what to do with it! Then there’s the fact that it is a struggle to get him to do art at home. I gave him two thank you notes to decorate. He barely scribbled on one. I gave him two Christmas cards to “sign”, he barely scribbled on one. And then he remembers he’s done them and refuses to go back to them! My stubborn little boy!

Therefore I knew, the 6 cards I wanted him to make would take weeks and would never look good enough. However, the artwork that has been adorning our walls since June means something to me (probably from looking at it all day long!) and felt far more special to make thank you cards with. After scanning them, I resized a few on the computer and then printed them off before sticking them to some blank cards. I’ve seen some amazing things on pinterest about all that art work including printing them all on a small scale and framing them, cutting out shapes from each piece and making a new piece of themed artwork, or simply scanning them all and then making a huge photo book. I can’t bring myself to cut them up. Yet. He’s only done one term at nursery, we only had 15 pieces of art come home. I just can’t destroy them. Not yet. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. If I could have brought myself to cut them up, I would have used the originals to stick on the front of the Thank You cards, but I printed copies instead!

In the future, I do plan on adding scanned images to the photobooks I plan on creating. I can also see myself using the artwork not only on Thank You cards, but also in the Smash book that I will start on! But if you ever needed something to do with the art your toddler/child brings home and they are reluctant to create their own cards, Thank You cards are an option:


~ P

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