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Reading Corner: Christmas Books

For Christmas, I made a polite request that, if friends and family wanted to buy presents for Elvis, that they buy him books and he got loads! We read together every night at bedtime and I keep buying cheap second hand books, too. I’m addicted! I just don’t really like paying such large prices for books. I don’t agree with buying myself full price books. The only ones I tend to buy for full price are the newest ASOIAF books, all others I try and wait to find them second hand. So, if I begrudge paying £7+ for a book that has 1000s of words and that I do re-read, how can I justify the same price for books with fewer than 100 words for him?

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Bad Days!

I’m not sure if it’s my constant headache, my full days to fill in for hubby being back at work, the constant streaming nose, the extra energy looking after Elvis alone all day or something completely irrelevant, but I’ve been having a bad few days.

It culminated the other day when everything in my local bank just kept going wrong. It would have been a comedy if it weren’t my life! And it resulted in me walking along, crying in the pouring rain pushing E along. I looked so desperate that some random man tried to stop me to help.

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Left Out

I was at a baby group today where the worst thing ever happened.

It has me second guessing myself, worrying about what I did.

Maybe it’s just my hormones. It probably is, but today I got left out.

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Needing… Something

I’m having a bad few days. I’m sure it’s a combination of many little things. I know I should try and think on the positive, but it just doesn’t seem to be helping.

Hubby’s back at work. Elvis is on his second day of being a bit clingy, crying easier than usual. I feel like I’m losing or have lost most of my old friends and those that are still around don’t want to be. My nose is constantly running. I’m awake half the night coughing my lungs up. I have no idea what’s wrong with E, possibly he’s having separation anxiety from his Daddy? I tried to talk to friends about him being back at work, received comments implying I’m lucky to have had him. Only new mummy friends have really had any sympathy.

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The Little Details: Socks

As a new mum there are lots of things to think about all the time, let alone in the morning just to get out of the house. If I could offer one tip to a soon to be parent it would be a slightly odd one:

Buy new socks!

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The School Analogy

Before, during and after pregnancy I adopted the trenches analogy for trying and finally managing to conceive. In a recent post about cliques, I likened mummy/baby groups to school and trying to make new friends. And maybe it is.

If you all started school at different times of the year, then struggling to fit in with those already in the class. And of course the class is far harder than Triple Science or Organic Chemistry. Hell, it’s harder than Inorganic Chemistry. And some students find the school harder than others – either making friends or the subject (raising babies) or both.

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To Clique or Not to Clique

Firstly I hate it when clique gets mistaken for click. Hate. It.

Secondly, I think the word itself is often mis-used. I’m pretty sure I’ve mis-used it too.

There are some local facebook mummy groups that I sometimes find helpful, sometimes annoying and sometimes boring. Over the past few days mummy and baby groups with their clique-ness have been bitched about to high heaven.

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Climbing Mount Everest

Elvis can crawl. That was known.

For 6 weeks, Elvis has been crawling around our house.

Yesterday he found the stairs (no one ever said he was the brightest spark out there).

Elvis has climbed up two steps before. At Nanny’s.

Yesterday before I could get to him as he discovered the stairs, he had climbed three! And now he can climb all the way to the top.

Of course I’m right behind him all the time.

It’s amazing how bloody quickly they learn. And how fast they can move.

Our stairgate doesn’t fit the bottom of the stairs, but we do have one at the top so vigilance is still needed.

~ P

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The Last Day

With the little one nicely tucked up in bed, my last day of freedom is over. I now have 4 solid days ahead of me where I will be alone. Well not very alone because I have lots planned to do to try and keep Elvis and I busy.

But it’s still daunting and scary.

Roll on Sunday!

~ P

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I’ve decided what one sacrifice I would trade when it comes to being a parent. There is one thing that I would give almost anything to be able to do.

I am full of cold, had a busy day and I am full of cold. I would give anything to have a lemsip and some of that desire must be a placebo effect because I don’t crave decongestant tablets. My head is so blocked and it’s making me sooo tired.

It was one thing to give up lemsips whilst pregnant, but whilst breastfeeding, too? My son is almost asking too much of me. Except if I were that desperate I’d take it and the risk as it’s so minimal. But it’s a risk. So I’ll suffer and wait for the first cold I get when we stop breastfeeding; the lemsip will never be taken for granted again!

~ P


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