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School Girl Mentality

Only a few times over the past year have I felt awkward at baby groups or around baby mummies. It’s only been a few times where I’ve felt as if I’m back at school with the popular girls picking on the not so popular, cliques forming all around me and opinions being voiced without being thought through.  On even fewer occasions it has brought me to tears.

The question is though, is it them acting like school girls or is me and how I interpret others’ actions?

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All Change Ahead

This is the last week of what has become so familiar to me and it’s kind of sad. I’m not graduating yet, but with two weks of holidays, a half term week and a baby turning one it most certainly is all change ahead.

In all fairness, Elvis has changed his routine, making morning groups quite difficult so I should have altered groups a few weeks ago to suit him better. Even with the changes I’ll make in a few weeks, it’ll only be for a few weeks and then it’s all change again when I finally graduate my maternity-baby year-ish.

I’m going to enjoy what remains of my final week in this routine, I will enjoy 3 weeks of reckless abandonment and then a few weeks attending lots of groups before graduation and the possibility of no more groups ever!

Maybe by September we’ll have a new normal!

~ P

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Grey Tinted Glasses

Rose tinted glasses are those things things that make you look back on evwnts in a more positive light than they were at the time, right? Well, I think I must have a pair of grey tinted glasses.

When I see mums of younger babies, newborn type of age, I wonder how they seem so with it and functioning.  I met a mummy of a ten week old and wondered how she seemed so awake and alert. I remember barely being conscious, sleeping every single time that Elvis was asleep. I remember months of feeling constantly attached to him, months of bed sharing, months of only sleeping on me, months of me eating every meal over him, months of me being permanently stuck on my sofa with Elvis in my arms, months of hiding biscuits and bottles of water around the sofa so I wouldn’t need to move. It was months of being physically tied to him 24 hours a day.

And yet it wasn’t.

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Elvis Hates Feet

Oh. My. God.

For days now I have been trying to get a footprint from Elvis. Well, he screams when I touch his feet so my monthly foot record fails at 11 months! I thought it was just a rebellious thing, like somehow he was trying to spite me in his own little baby way.

Until I took him shoe shopping!

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First Trip to the Zoo

I’ve shied away from taking Elvis places, especially with a cost, because I honestly did not think that he would take those things in. We have some local playparks with animals in, we have plenty of local free historic sites but I haven’t really opted to take Elvis there.

That was until hubby surprised us with a daytrip to the zoo.

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Holiday Packing

Calling all traveller mummies!

In under three weeks, I’m taking Elvis on a plane from London to Alicante. I’m all set with packing for whilst there (family with multiple grandchildren so toys, cots, pushchairs, travel seats, all taken care of) and for shopping for consumables (we use Aldi here, they have Aldi shops there), I think I’m okay for the car journey (think!), but…

I mean, BUT, what about the flight? How do I keep him entertained? We’ll take some food, he might sleep, but he won’t have a seat of his own and he loves to wriggle and move. Any seasoned travelling-mummy tips on how to keep him confined to my lap for what could be almost three hours?

I read somewhere to board the plane as late as possible (if you’ve pre-booked seats, which we have) so that I confine him as late as possible. Any other hints?

We each have a carry on bag, standard size, that we can fill up with toys, books, food? But how do we entertain a mover? Any practical tips people can pass on? Or any good blogs that you recommend?

~ P


Outdoor Fun: The Garden

We have lots of local parks, but sometimes playing in the garden is easier. Unfortunately what we currently have as a garden is not what most people call a garden. Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than nothing, but it is far from child friendly.

It’s at the side of our house and exposed on all three sides by a wall that is easily climbable by an adult (hello thieves and kidnappers). In fact on one side, the neighbour’s fence blew down and so the wall is easily climbable by Elvis (and the neighbour’s giant dog who quite frankly scares me). The floor is covered in moss and building debris. There are two drainage covers and the step back into the house is quite high.

Everything about it is dangerous!

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I’m officially calling Elvis a toddling baby. He’s not a walker yet, but he can do steps between objects, unaided, wibbly, wobbly steps. He crossed a room at a play group the other morning – maybe about 1 meter – completely unaided. He has officially taken his first steps!

I’ve decided that his new found toddling skill has made him the silent assassin. When I’m in a different room, wandering around or even doing chores in the same room, crawling Elvis is loud when he gets close and I try my hardest to not stand on him, toddling Elvis… no such luck. I turn around and he’s standing there, scaring the life out of me. He toddles with such a wobble and usually such caution that he’s silent and then BAM! right there.

And it’s made his stair climbing interesting as he decides half way up/down that he’s going to try and toddle a few steps because he can toddle, so why does he need to crawl all the time, and stairs are like the flat floor, right? Except he can’t toddle down the stairs so he launches into me as I am always right behind him.

But, yeah, a toddling baby! Each day now I can see his confidence in stepping increasing so it won’t be long before we go shoe shopping!

~ P

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Hot Potatoes

I started taking Elvis swimming in August when he was maybe about 11 weeks old and along with his enjoyment of being in the water increasing, so have his skills. He started holding on to the edge over a month ago now, hanging on there as I count to ten.

Well, at our last swimming lesson I noticed something that amazed me no end. At the end of our lessons we have playtime and I was using it to get him to practice holding on. There he was sinking down a bit, spitting out the water as his mouth dunked too low and then pulling himself back up. He almost pulled himself all the way out. That wasn’t even the amazing thing though.

He started walking along his hands along the side to get to some other toys. At the beginning of lessons we sing “One potato, Two Potato” as the baby (or parent holding) moves their hands along the wall, walking their hands. It’s a safety trick to use the edge to get to the steps. And my baby did it.

He is going to love swimming in Spain!

~ P

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Today is officially my last day of maternity leave and something has just struck me. Tomorrow my accrued annual leave starts, taking me through almost until July, but what I realised was that I accrued annual leave for what…?

Seeing as my job for the past 49 weeks was being a mum, is it annual leave from being a mum? Obviously I don’t mean actually parenting Elvis, but can I now take leave from cooking, cleaning, washing?

The thoughts of maximising my afternoons and weekends once I’m back at work were already running through my mind, but now I’m wondering if I should start it before that. In my last few weeks before work and nursery start, should we fill our days with fun and ignore the mundane? For two weeks, no cleaning, more fun. Actual annual leave.

I do have weeks of it stored up!

~ P

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