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Elvis Hates Feet

Oh. My. God.

For days now I have been trying to get a footprint from Elvis. Well, he screams when I touch his feet so my monthly foot record fails at 11 months! I thought it was just a rebellious thing, like somehow he was trying to spite me in his own little baby way.

Until I took him shoe shopping!

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First Birthdays

We’ve been to two first birthdays now (Elvis’ social calender is definitely fuller than mine) and before each I’ve had the same problem.

The sheer panic the day before of not having a gift and then having to trek all the way into town to buy something.

I have the best solution!

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The Little Details: Charge Your Batteries

Another random tip on impending parenthood. Buy lots of rechargeable batteries and charge them before baby can come home. This includes larger, odder battery types. And keep on top of your supply.

We had no D batteries for the rocker chair we desperately hoped our 2 week old would settle in.

We had no D batteries for the amazing mobile that we discovered could keep the 2 month old happy long enough for me to pee, clean my teeth and get dressed.

We had no AA batteries for the walker my 9 month old loves to play with!

Lesson now learned!

~ P

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Birthday Plans: Clothing Elvis

For ages I’d been resisting buying clothes for Elvis’ first birthday. Until the other day and it’s so exciting. There’s only about 2 months to go!

I’d been kidding myself and holding off buying anything by pretending I didn’t know what age range he’ll be in. But I went for 12-18 months. If he is too little, then I can buy something last minute and his birthday clothes can be used for other events. So far I have 3 tops for his birthday.

Which might be excessive. I even found a shirt and tie. It’s adorable!

I can’t wait!

~ P

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The Little Details: Check the Unorthodox

A lot of mums, first time or further down the line, probably only want to shop or look in proper shops for items for their children; I’m the same to an extent.

For certain things.

I would never buy a second hand car seat. Or a mattress.

We wanted a brand new cot, brand new changing unit, moses basket and baby bath.

But we’re happy to buy and look at second hand items, and in the cheap, discount shops.

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(Stair) Gates to Heaven

With Elvis’ increasing mobility we had to invest in safety gates. Originally we wanted one at the top and one at the bottom of the stairs. We’ve had some hiccups, but we now have two:

BabyDan Auto Foldable Safety Gate
Lindam Sure Shut Gate

And I love them both!

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Venturing Out

As it’s still the weekend and we all got a second lie in (well yesterday it was 7am when Elvis and I awoke, 8am for all of us today) I was quite pleased that it felt slightly cooler out and that we could all perhaps venture out to town and proper shops. Not just the food and second hand shops nearby.

I only wanted to go to try and find a few things for Elvis, but it needed to be proper baby shops.

And I found everything I wanted!
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Review: Little Pickles … Again!

I am seriously addicted to these markets! I have no idea what I’m going to do between now and September as they take a summer break.

At today’s I spent under £20 and bought some essentials and some not so essentials. All of it clothing. Well, with the discovery mid-week that Elvis no longer fits into 0-3 month clothes, I needed to do something! So a-shopping I went. And I went around twice. I think it’s only the second Market I’ve been to since not being pregnant – bending to look in boxes is far easier now!

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Little Pickles: Southsea

Yesterday I went to another Little Pickles Market, this time with Elvis. It was his first!

We got a Gymini Play and Kick playgym for just £5 and a wooden train set (complete) from John Lewis for half price at £15! What bargains!

We do already have a play gym that we keep in the nursery, but when we saw one that easily collapses for such a great price, I wanted it purely for downstairs. The Fisher Price one upstairs doesn’t collapse down any and space is always a premium in our living room. And as it’s now Thursday when we bought the bargain on Saturday, Elvis loves it. I’ve had very little sleep for two nights in a row and feel physically exhausted so while I’m stuffing my face he’s hopefully tiring himself out on the Tiny Love Gymini Play and Kick.

The train set is obviously not needed for a few years!

As for the market itself, it was another one for us. In Southsea and very close to major bus routes, it has a very decent sized car park and is next to an infant school, which unfortunately had an event going on and I think the school had filled up the sports center car park. Similar to the Mountbatten markets, there’s loads of space inside – handy as this was the first one where we had Elvis and had to manoeuvre him in his pushchair around. The market in Cosham is incredibly tiny and cramped. It’s probably not that much further away than the Cosham market though and I’d go again.

I still avoid looking for clothes at them though – far too much hassle and there are always more girls than boys clothes!

And it’s now just over a week until the next market. At which I will remember my entry cards!

~ Persephone M


Mummy Moment: Mac Time

First of all, here are the latest Nanny purchases – I love the Monsters Inc one. All three are different ages to really prolong their life! I might have to go back to the shop and buy this adorable swimming outfit I saw for Elvis in a year.

Onto the Mummy Moment though. These are moments when I get to do something purely for me, preferably with no baby anywhere near me! So, Mac Time means me getting time on my mac without Elvis feeding off of me. He might be asleep in the same room or next door, but it’s my time (he happens to be asleep downstairs with Daddy keeping a close eye on him, and seeing as the nights are better, I don’t feel the need for a nap). So I’m going to sort out some photos of the little one and get a printing batch ready.

Afterall he’s already over a month old and no one has any photos of him!

~ Persephone M

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